“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”


This felt good.  Nope, it felt GREAT.   We needed this.  As a team, as a fanbase, as a city, we needed this win. It came against a perennial blue blood of college football who is having a rough year, but it came.  I am not going to let the fact that FSU is struggling stop me from feeling good about this win.  We have a two game winning streak against Florida State, and I don’t get to type that often.

After one of of the most frustrating losses I have ever sat through there was a lot of concern that this team may pack it in for the rest of the season.  I am just happy that they responded.  Let’s get to the court notes while I am in a great mood:

Any outburst from the courtroom and you will be removed by @julesmaysmith or as we call her “Jules”.   Jules enjoy’s Cardinal football and old school R&B.  She was once arrested for stalking the legendary producer Teddy Riley and she has gone on record to say she still own’s a pair of Jodeci boots.  There is no limit to her fanhood.


  • Before we go any further, how awesome is it that Dae Williams saw the field on Saturday?  I was one of the main people saying we would not see him until next season and we would be dumb to play him this year.  I will gladly eat my words.  Felt great to have that option in the backfield and it felt even better to see him rumble for his first career TD.   I wish you nothing but the best Dae, I have never seen a player tear his ACL and return to action in 7 months.


  • I am not sure how many people read this blog or if it ever reaches the coaches and players. But judging by the play on Saturday it may have found it’s way to Peter Sirmon. Louisville applied pressure to James Blackman throughout the game and caused him to throw two interceptions which were both hauled in by Trumaine Washington.  It was also refreshing to see the defense gang tackle and everyone run to the ball.  If I am being completely honest, it was just good to see the defense giving a damn again.  The defense played energetic football and although it was far from perfect, it was a sign of improvement.


  • If you know me, you know I never watch games in public.  I don’t like talking to other people during the game and there is always a fan there who isn’t interested in anything on the screen and I can’t deal with that. But I had to sacrifice on Saturday and decided to join the crew at Sullivan’s Tap House.  It was a perfect setting and well worth it.  We were on a two game losing streak and something had to give.   Our bartender was a UNC fan who A) would not admit that they cheated for years and B) had no idea who Ed Cota, Antwan Jamison, or Serge Zwikker were.   She was mocked, I may not be a UNC fan but I cannot let that slide.


  • ESPN has to start screening better camera  personnel. The ones that we had for the game was either lazy, hungover, or about to quit in a few days.   Zero f***’s were given.  On one instance they missed an entire play because they thought Blackman had thrown the ball when he didn’t.   Camera man  had no concept of a playaction, and he was overeager when it came to Lamar running the RPO.   Dude was panning 40 yards downfield and we had no idea what had happened.  I felt that at any moment they would zoom in on some lady in the stands adjusting her bra strap.  But I digress….


  • It was good to see Louisville running the ball but it was even better seeing Reggie get some big runs in the game as well.   Reggie carried 16 times for 74 yards and a score.  On that touchdown we saw Reggie show some emotion. It has been a long, hard road for that kid but never once have we heard him complain.  I just wish we could have found a permanent spot for him. Either way,  he will be missed next year.


  • We say a lot of things when we are angry, trust me I know from experience.  But I heard a comment last week on The Drive that had me questioning alcohol sales again.   A caller told Mark Ennis that we have horrible coaches on the offensive side of the ball and asked who wants to play for Nick Petrino.  He went on to say some more dumb stuff but……. people fail to realize Nick coached Lamar last year and Lamar DID win the Heisman. What do I know though?  I am just a humble guy with a bucket hat collection.


  • For all the times we have criticized him, we should be the first to get in line for a nice plate of crow when it comes to Trumaine Washington.   Dude had a nice game and came away with 2 interceptions.  I could be wrong but I believe he leads the team in takeaways.  His second INT was a thing a beauty.  I didn’t know it was intercepted until I saw Tru running the other way with it.  Trumaine was also screwed on a FSU touchdown after getting pushed off by receiver. What’s worse is the ESPN announcing crew acknowledged it was a pushoff and replied with “so what”.   Yeah…


  • There are calls, and there are bad calls, and then there is something we like to call BULLS*** calls.  This folks, was a bull….sh**……call!

James Hearns was called for roughing the passer on this play.   As you can see, Blackman still has the damn ball in his hand. As you can also see, Blackman is still upright and attempting to throw the ball. I thought C-USA refs were horrible, then I met some refs from the Big East.  I thought Big East refs were the worst thing that has ever happened to college football, and then the ACC asked me to hold their beers.   I will always be in the group that believes refs should have to hold a press conference after the game to explain questionable calls.


  • Shout to to Issac Stewart who led the team with 9 tackles, 5 of which were solo. Also props to Henry Famurewa for getting a sack and a tackle for loss.  That had to be a confidence booster for those guys.


  • Lamar did Lamar things again.


13 for 21 passing for 156 yards and a touchdown.   23 rushes for 178 and a touchdown.  4 regular season games left to enjoy him.


  • Thanks to TBG who explained in detail why everyone hates Nickelback and “Bro-Country” . We also discussed how little of a purpose ketchup served unless you are at eating fries and why Blink 182 came to an end.  Welcome to TCZ,  we like to have fun here.


  • Me yelling at kids and letting them know that “all the candy is gone”  next week.

Seriously, can you imagine knocking on Bobby’s door after 930pm on Halloween?  When all the mini-Snickers and Blow Pops have been passed out and he just wants to be left alone to catch up on his DVR.  He opens the door with that signature scowl and passes out candy corn just to piss your parents off.  Just me huh?  Ok.


  • Louisville’s defense has not been at 100% all season, and yesterday they were without Jaire Alexander and Stacy Thomas.  I really hope this win carries over and hopefully we get those guys back next week.


  • No matter what else happens this year, this will be the image I want to remember:


We rarely get to see Bobby speak to his team and despite what we may think it is clear his players love him. Bobby’s past is always the first to be mentioned but let’s not forget that his former players all were in support of him getting rehired here.   This video proves two things.  One, this team has not quit.  And two,  Mike Summers in a mosh pit with his players is F*CKING AWESOME!


And in closing I just want to reiterate how good it feels to how some positive news about Louisville for a change.  This week was one of the toughest weeks we have had to endure as a fanbase and in the midst of hell, there was a glimpse of heaven at the end if even for a few hours.


I am not sure what we will see from this team going forward but I am just glad they are still fighting .   Next up is Wake Forest and we will hear all about Wakeyleaks (first coined by Keith Poynter ) and other negative comments about last years game.  I promise to slander Wake Forest all week because I refuse to let a fanbase that single handily keeps JCPenny in business have power over me.


Be cool in this hot city.


Court adjourned (bangs gavel)


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