If you haven’t checked out one of these events yet, you’re gonna wanna round up all that spare change in your couches and jean pockets and make it a must go throughout the year.  For $30 you can make your mundane Monday lunch break mean so much more..  not just for you to be able to dine with a player stationed at just about each table, but your attendance means just as much to the players and staff who put the event on as it does to you.  You’ll be greeted at the event by the Cardinal Pep Band serenading you with todays pop hits and the Ladybirds cheering on stage as fans find their seats among the event space.  If that doesn’t get you in the Cardinal spirit, I don’t know what will!

Interim president and athletic director, Dr. Postel and Vince Tyra, were in attendance and even head coach, David Padgett, of the men’s side was also found in today’s crowd.  (The men’s kick-off luncheon in days to follow.) Coach Walz met with the media prior and talked about opening the season and the team’s spirit since practice has been back in session.

About 600 fans made it out for the event at downtown Marriott just a couple blocks from the Yum! Center on the rainy Monday morning.  Per usual, the Voice of the Cards, Sean Moth emceed the event.  One by one, the team was introduced to the crowd and lunch to be served.

Coach Walz was then welcomed to the podium.  He thanked everyone in the room for their attendance and continued support and that the event was a testament of how much work had been put in by the players, staff and fans all together.  He talked about each class and individual updates that fans can look forward to this season as well as praised and recapped the paths these young women have paved to get here today.  Coach Walz challenges these avid fans to bring an extra fan or two out to games to support the ladies… because he’s sure they’ll want to return on their own and in effect, bring someone else.  It’s a sure way to continue to grow as a program.

Fans will be relieved to know that Jeff Walz is not walking out that Louisville door in protest of these past 3 week’s events.  Instead, he thanked the man who convinced him on Louisville 11 season ago (ironically in that very building we stood) Tom Jurich, for believing in him as a coach and believing what the women’s program could become.  Walz said ‘I love being here and I love what I do.  I’m gonna retire here or be fired here.’  And with Jeff’s commitment to Louisville, Louisville can rest assure in this team.


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Daryl Foust

Lifelong fan of the Louisville Cardinals, been covering the teams since 2012, graduated from c/o 2015, Writer/Contributor for TCZ for Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball & Softball since 2016.

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