“Within minutes of reading the communication in April, I reached out to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway as well as the NCAA. The matter was shortly thereafter turned over to the FBI and has been a federal investigation and prosecution since that time. We were confident that there was no truth to the accusations made in the communication. We will have no further comment at this time on this ongoing federal prosecution.”  —- Tom Jurich

·      On April 23, Tom Jurich received an email from Thomas E. Ray III acting under the alias of ‘Melinda White’ and purporting to have information that the men’s basketball team was involved in a point scheme. Tom immediately contacted the NCAA and the Kentucky Attorney General. Attorney General Jack Conway notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

·      The FBI completed a thorough review of the allegations. That investigation resulted in the indictment and arrest of Thomas E. Ray III of Jackson, Mississippi. The indictment from the U.S. Attorney’s Office charges Ray with extortion and threatening injury to the reputation of University of Louisville Athletic Association.

·      The FBI and the Kentucky Attorney General’s quick response and thorough investigation led to the arrest Thomas E. Ray III and hopefully sends a strong message to others who attempt to extort money from athletic programs around the country.

·      The accused extortionist, Thomas E. Ray III from Jackson, Mississippi, was convicted of the same crime in 2005.

·      This investigation has nothing to do with Chane Behanan’s suspension or any other team member. Chane’s suspension a completely separate issue.

·      This extortion attempt falls on the heels of numerous national articles touting the UofL Cardinals’ success and claiming this to be the “Year of the Cardinal.”


-Document resulting in the conviction of Thomas E. Ray III while attempting to extort “Best Buy” 


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