ESPN Basketball Writer Dana O’Neil published a story today the (READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE) that the NCAA is expected to interview Louisville Head Basketball Coach Rick Pitino in April.

The NCAA recently conducted a follow-up interview with “Breaking Cardinal Rules” author Katina Powell on Monday (3/7) here in Louisville.

Louisville & the NCAA launched a joint investigation as a result of Powell’s book since October.   As a result of the initial investigation results (which have yet to be made public) University President Dr. James Ramsey made the decision to self-impose a post-season ban for the 2015-16 season.  Additionally former Louisville player & former Director of Operations Andre McGee resigned from his position as the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  McGee has not made a public statement since his resignation.

Generally speaking the NCAA interview with Rick Pitino signals that the NCAA investigation is coming to a close with ‘Notice of Allegations’ to follow.  Once received the University has 90 days to respond back to the NCAA with a response to the Allegations.  Because Louisville hired Chuck Smrt and Smrt has been in step with the NCAA during the investigation the University’s response should be a formality.

Additionally because Louisville has already self-imposed a post-season ban UofL will be filing the self-imposed penalty as a part of its response and will await any further rulings from the NCAA, if any are necessary.


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