Daryl Foust

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A Cardinal Holiday season

What goes up, must come down.. they say. Happy New Year to all, welcome to 2017. Following a much needed win for the rivalry vs Kentucky.. the Cards took an ext...
Anas Mahmoud Louisville vs. Kentucky Basketball 12-26-2015 Photo by William Caudill

Louisville or Kentucky?

For most of us around here, that’s been decided since Day 1.  I go to almost every home game for the Cards.  I don’t go to Kentucky games because I’m a sports f...
Lamar Jackson Louisville vs. Kentucky 11-26-2016 Photo by William Caudill TheCrunchZone.com

Lamar the Gr8

To arrive on Louisville's campus, from day 1, you can envision the possibilities. It's called 'Possibility City' for a reason. Growing up a fan, fantasizing abo...