To arrive on Louisville’s campus, from day 1, you can envision the possibilities. It’s called ‘Possibility City’ for a reason. Growing up a fan, fantasizing about what college life would be like, the University of Louisville led me to focus my study on athletics and the administration of it from every perspective. Throughout my education I’ve established my own platforms to help navigate a career path towards success. You’re looking at one of them right now. It is truly inspiring and appreciated that I can bring the stories of our teams through this site, in the ways I’ve been taught to observe, question and form knowledgeable opinions by our favorite institution’s criteria. Through UofL, I had the joy of covering and sitting next to some of the nations most recognizable faces in classes (Teddy Bridgewater, Shoni Schimmel, Gorgui Dieng), taught by teachers that have become my biggest fans while becoming one of only a few college graduates in my family. (Shoutout to the University of Louisville December C/o 2016, Samantha Foust; BA Communications) I am a representative of the University of Louisville. An alumnus, a media member, and a fan. A true Louisville woman.

Lamar Jackson arrived on campus right after I walked across the graduation stage back in 2015. The amount of pride I’ve felt watching as an alum, Lamar Jackson grow into his role at and through Louisville, is something that can be amounted to 5,028 leaps in the stands. Because that’s how many times I’ve jumped for joy watching Louisville play this season. A jump for every yard, Lamar. I even did another watching you get your named called by the host on Saturday night.. Just ask my coworker. I just might wear my own red blazer for the rest of 2016, because Lamar Jackson has been the one shining light on an otherwise dismal year.

Only the SOUL OF A TRUE FAN (shoutout to Skicks Sideline sneakers who’ve taken me far to see the Cards this season) feels for two weeks after falling apart in two of the biggest moments to finish out the season… And travels 1,000 miles to the dreaded state of TEXAS (freakin’ Texas, man) to watch the CFP dream die right in that endzone in front of me. We fumbled that kick off return because I fumbled the hot dog upon arriving to my seat. Not because Lamar got sacked more times than we had points scored. It was because I fumbled the hotdog on my way in. But I won’t remember it was the season I watched my team crumble in Houston… I’ll remember the woman who sat next to us, residing on some aspect of the Heisman campaign (she’s legit because she has a bobble head of herself with the trophy–first female of some sort) ask me to point out Lamar’s mother because she wanted to meet her prior to the NY Heisman presentation. She made it clear (after the first two or three touchdowns against us) that there was ‘no one else’. So we won’t reflect that it’s the year Louisville lost the Governors Cup to Kentucky… it’ll be the year Lamar Jackson became the program’s first Heisman recipient and he was great all year long. And that means if there’s a first, there will be a second, and another. And another.

This is that time where you reflect on the year’s successes and failures in hope to build for future successes and yes, even failures. We all do it, we’re supposed to anyway.. I hope your year was of equal success! Whether you lost to your rival or you lost your idol (Free Kodak), we are all Lamar in a red blazer on stage in NYC. Lamar Jackson just raised the bar high for all of us. The University of Louisville has a Heisman winner.


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Daryl Foust

Lifelong fan of the Louisville Cardinals, been covering the teams since 2012, graduated from c/o 2015, Writer/Contributor for TCZ for Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball & Softball since 2016.

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