For most of us around here, that’s been decided since Day 1.  I go to almost every home game for the Cards.  I don’t go to Kentucky games because I’m a sports fan or because one of my best friends is a UK fan.  Believe it or not there are actually people out there who will attend every single Louisville home game and then wear blue on rivalry game day.  I don’t understand those people.. looking at you Deb!! Deb and I have had a long history of not being able to handle gameday/rivalry posts on the interwebs.

It would seem there’s a rivalry God out there that just doesn’t want us to enjoy the holiday season with our divided families.  With Thanksgiving surrounding the annual Governor’s Cup and Christmas/New Years surrounding the Battle of the Bluegrass, there’s not a lot of down time to enjoy or recover from win/loss much less hold your breath at the holiday dinner table. The older I get, the less I care about Kentucky and what they’re doing down the road.  But you can bet your ass I wanna beat Kentucky. Especially after a football meltdown just one month ago.

What to Watch for

Avg. Rebounding

Kentucky      Louisville

   43                     45

Second chance offensive rebounds and eliminating that opportunity for the opponent is the obvious way to win a game, right?  But it won’t be just that on either side of the ball. It’s never be cut and dry with Kentucky.

Too Close for Comfort

Listen, I hate this game. I hate this day. I hate this opponent. They live too close, the stats are too similar for a prediction. Why are we here again?

Who to Watch for

Coach Cal

Will he wear a suit or shorts? lol just kidding, calm down BBN.

Quentin Snider

Defense, Q.  You are a master. Command the floor!

What it Means

As far as implications, this is everything for Kentucky.  There’s not much more I’d like than to finish this year with a solid win over Kentucky… however, we know the emotion of this match for almost everyone involved.  Much of Kentucky’s scouting report and preparation on Louisville will be much as Kentucky’s non-conference schedule opponents conversations go… Kentucky’s looking for a resume builder. Louisville is looking to beat its rival. Its been too close for it not to happen this year.

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Daryl Foust

Lifelong fan of the Louisville Cardinals, been covering the teams since 2012, graduated from c/o 2015, Writer/Contributor for TCZ for Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball & Softball since 2016.

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