What’s good everyone? Took a week off from the post because I honestly had nothing on my mind worth writing and I only trick you all into reading my BS on Twitter. It’s November so that means the first CFB Playoff rankings were released, which means UofL fans are furious online now. I thought the committee might rank us ahead of A&M, possibly even Washington, to get their fans riled up and clicking and tweeting. I drastically underestimated the fact our fans are also schitzo and would come heavy with the clicks. So let’s talk about where we stand today and what possibilities are ahead.


I’m not slamming the door shut on the playoff but it appears to be closing. If we miss the playoff we likely end up in the Orange Bowl and I have no complaints about a January trip to South Beach, I set that place on fire in ’07 when we beat Wake in a snoozer. That was the pinnacle of being a UofL fan back then.


“We made a BCS Bowl”


“Who do we play”


“Wake Forest”


“You cannot be serious”


We couldn’t even get a good BCS Bowl matchup back then, couldn’t have nothing.


My buddies and I were either recent grads or in our last year of school so we rented a 15 passenger van and made the 14 hour drive to Florida to meet friends in Tampa. I have no answer to “how many times did you all play Fly High and shout BOWLIN in your best Jim Jones voice”, at least a hundred times.


UofL messed up and gave my heathen buddies and I rooms at the hotel hosting all media and media events for the game. Before photobombing was a thing ya boy was all over ESPN tossin crooked fingers in the form of L’s. We tailgated for the game pretty hard and at halftime I got the idea to go down to the band and holler at my little bro. Next thing I know the band director is cursing me and I look up to see myself on the Jumbotron cheesing and shaking my head in an emphatic “no” to aforementioned band director. I was wearing a red bandanna because they drew first blood, and positioned the red and black pom-poms cheerleaders gave us out said bandanna. I still have a pic of me in the middle of the band on the Jumbotron taunting the director; I’m sorry man you were just trying to do your job.


So we’re walking out of the stadium and I hear someone shout “hey guys how about a Go Cards chant”. I turn around yelling “EFF YEA BUDDY” only to see a bright light and a local media member holding a microphone in shock of what I said. Then my phone rings and it’s a family member asking why I just dropped an F Bomb on live television and if I was ok because I looked malnourished and dehydrated. That was in fact true because I lived on homemade chex mix in freezer bags and booze that entire week.


Back at the hotel a Wake fan we’d been partying with informed us his brother was a beat writer for the Flacons and the deal with Petrino was in place. We walk onto the elevator and are joined by a former Louisville media member slurring his speech and slumping in the elevators corner. We ask him about Petrino and he rips us using language inappropriate for this site. Like, this dude had no idea how close one of us were to hitting that emergency stop button and passing him around the elevator like a pack of smokes in jail. It’s cool though because we left a bag of poop outside his door. Maybe he’d still have a job if he didn’t get scooped by drunk frat bros in south Florida, sucks to suck, ya bum.


If we go back I’m going to be more adult this time. Maybe. Doubtfully. Oh hell if you’re down there to hit me up because we will rage.


We can still make the playoff though, talked to my Haitian voodoo doll plug and I’ll just say I’ve done my part to hex everyone else, let’s hope the team does its part.


Seventh. Behind A&,M, a team we dog walked so hard “Strong or Sumlin, who goes first” was an offseason talking point.


A&M students can major in raising chickens, seriously. Anyone but them.


Clemson fans still suck and their team is going to Clemson in true Clemson fashion.


I was rooting for Houston to be successful and get in a power five conference as I do all teams stuck in limbo sans Memphis St. but they haven’t helped us any so I hope their coach bolts to Texas and Texas continues to Dikembe them from the conference.


Logic says we need uk to do well to bolster our schedule, but history says only a fool depends on uk football for anything beyond despair. The damn Cubs won a Series before Stoops got them bowl eligible, el oh el.


After that last blurb the word count was at 669, nice, and I thought about just quitting there. Not even an explanation or closing point.


Did anyone else feel like the talking heads on ESPN were penalizing UofL’s unimpressive wins while talking about other teams resolve in similar situations? Criticize them for failing to score 30 on Duke but at least hold others to the same standard. Guys who have been caping for UofL for months flipped once the rankings came out. Its cool guys, you gotta defend the committee, try a little harder to not be so obvious about it.


I’m going to continue to enjoy this amazing season. The Lamar Effect is going from an 8 win season and Music City Bowl to being pissed we’re not in the playoff according to a poll in November, that’s a legit 11 month swing in expectations. When the season started the goal was beat FSU or Clemson, we did that. It’s perfectly understandable for expectations to be adjusted accordingly but anyone who thinks a one loss season and a New Years Bowl is disappointing needs to put the bottle down and get a hobby. I ordered a bunch of drawing supplies because you all don’t know this but I was on an art scholarship when I was younger. Don’t know why I ever quit, I actually sold a Method Man mural for some legit change when I was 19. I put the pencils down about 15 yrs ago and hadn’t really thought about it. So now I will take my anger and frustration out on not being able to do what I once could effortlessly. This will be great and in no way frustrating, Go Cards and Go Krogering.

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