We are literally days away from the opening 2017 Cardinal football campaign and like it does every year, the dead season has taken it’s toll on my brain.  I find myself watching random pump up videos,   re-watching all 9 wins from last season, and checking my season tickets to make sure they are still in the same place I keep them.   It’s madness,  I know this, but it is also a symptoms of going months with football and a clear sign of withdrawal.

My brain has went on auto-pilot,  I should tell you that I will be utterly useless this entire week.   I have completely checked out, and my main goal is to not get fired this week and attempt to be semi productive which entails me turning my PC on a work and staring at the screen.   Anyways, I didn’t get to bed until 3am due to watching Game of Thrones a few more times so I only got 3 hours total.  Here are some random thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain as I wait for Saturday night at 7:30pm:


  • I wonder what the first offensive series will look like. I have no idea what Purdue’s defense looks like and how they plan to slow Louisville.  I also have no idea who their key players are. I really need to get on that and stop procrastinating.    I also wonder how many trick plays Brohm will throw at us.  He is not going to sit back and just throw some Boston College type plays at Louisville.   He is Jeff Brohm, not some guy who is content with winning games 17-10.


  • I wonder how bad traffic will be on Saturday.  I am not worried about Louisville drivers, we are good.  I am concerned about that guy from Seymour, Indiana  who is going to the outlets and taking his  sweet a** time doing 55 mph up the road.   I am also thinking about how bad Indiana drivers are and how they should build an entirely different expressway for them. The world would be a safer place.


  • I wonder if Trevon Young will be back to his old self.  Hip injuries are devastating.  I am a Raider fan so I  know about injuries to the hip since it cut Bo Jackson’s career short.  If all indications are correct,  he will dominate.


  • I wonder if the guys over at Red Rage Tailgate have restocked their bourbon.  They committed alcohol abuse at the Spring Game and didn’t have any for the BHK to partake in.  I threw a flag on the play,  and tacked on 15 yards.  I am even more concerned because I tweeted this question the other day and I didn’t get a response, they just liked the tweet.  The hell is that??   When you go to the doctor and ask if you are gonna live or die he doesn’t pat you on the shoulder and walk out.  If he did you would be crapping your pants.    If it seems like I am on edge it’s because I am.  I have faith in Dave and the guys.


  • I wonder how big Mekhi Becton is.   I have seen videos on Hudl and some practice tape but from what I am hearing the guy is a massive, freak athlete.   I am SO glad we have him.


  • I wonder if the first play will be a run by Reggie or a pass to Dez.  My guess is Reggie and Jeremy sees the first few snaps.   We all want Lamar to run but I expect Bobby to soften up Purdue before throwing some hay-makers.


  • I wonder how many slappies with be in Indianapolis even though their team will be playing the same day.  The obsession is a real thing folks.  We will tell tales to our grandchildren.


  • I wonder if the roof at Lucas Oil will be open.  Should be a nice night and the stench of the Colts has to be aired out before either team can take the field.  This is my second trip to Lucas Oil so I hope this experience is better than the last (2009 Elite Eight….nuff said).   On a brighter note, the people of Indy will finally get to see a good offense take the field.


  • I wonder if I should check out  Giordano’s  Pizza while in town?   Fellow TCZ staff member Matt has always raved about it but I trust nothing out of his mouth since he just recently had Indi’s for the first time back in February of this year.   And yes, he has lived in Louisville his entire life.   I threw two flags on this play and he was ejected from the game.   I will probably stick to a tailgate like a sane human being.  I have lost all trust in Matt’s food suggestions. Never trust a Manual high grad.


  • I wonder how many married couples will fight on the drive back home over the ladybirds dance routine.  I told you guys earlier this month you have to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze.  Those rules are still in place.


  • I wonder if we we see Bobby use both Charles Standberry and Micky Crum in addition to the revamped offensive line.   Micky Crum will kill a guy, it will happen.  Don’t matter if its week 1 or week 6.


  • I wonder how Robbie Bell will perform at center.  I don’t bash players but its no surprise the center position has been a headache the past few years.  Snap infractions, missed blocking assignments, etc.  The fanbase has their hopes up since Mike Summers has returned and it will be fun to watch on Saturday.


  • I wonder how if Purdue puts 8 or 9 in the box.   You have to think Lamar getting loose is a concern.   I can guarantee he will have a spy on him the entire game.  If the passing game is there early and often, this could get ugly in a hurry.   Ask Marshall how focusing on the run the entire game worked out.


  • I wonder if we will see Ray-Ban Bobby this Saturday.  We need Yeezy wearing, Ray-Ban Bobby at some point this year.


  • I wonder if we will see this


  • I wonder how many things I can get into my cargo shorts without looking like I have child bearing hips.   The record is five, but we are going big this weekend. I am looking to get beers, bourbon, and burgers in.  (Hits the milly rock)


  • I wonder how many fans we will bring. I try not to go on rumors but I am hearing we are looking at bringing about 20k, maybe more.  Louisville fans love day trips, especially to Indy or Cincy.   An hour or so in the car, and then a short ride home. No hotel needed.


  • I wonder how many guys will try and fail when attempting to wear a bucket hat.  Most of you look like you are going bass fishing with Walter Mathau after the games.   Just stop,  I make it look good, you make it look good and terrible.

Cheers CardNation,  we are approaching the finish line.   Secure the car flags, drive safe,  play cornhole, and drink responsibly.   See you in Indy.



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