“ALL RISE!!! Court is now in session. The honorable Bucket Hat King LJ tha Fiasco presiding. Please be seated and come to order”

This is really getting old. I am tired of Louisville being the sole reason that coaches keep their jobs. In this case in particular, we are talking about Willie Taggart who should be sending every Louisville fan an edible arrangement for what has occurred the past two seasons.

While I was happy with the heart that Louisville showed to claw their way back on Saturday, I am more upset that yet again, Louisville let FSU fall through the cracks. While poor play calling was our downfall in 2018, mental errors were our undoing this season.

Last season, the Cards would have folded after going down 21-0. This isn’t last season.

No, I am not a fan of moral victories, and I although the team fought hard, it’s still a loss in the history book. I am, however, a fan of the heart the team continues to show through the season so far, and that has to be a sign of hope for the future rather than concern.

There are eight games left in the season, and Louisville still has time to correct the issues we have seen thus far. For now, let’s rest up, regroup, and then come back in two weeks to hopefully beat Boston College.



Any outbursts and you will be removed from the court by this week’s bailiff, “Peanut M&M’s”. There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy good, quality M&M’s and those who enjoy trash. Plain M&M’s should be renamed “Lucifer Snacks.” They are awful and belong in the same crap candy category as butterscotch, Raisinets, and that no-name candy that you see in every assorted bag. You know, that candy that doesn’t have a name and is just in an orange or black wrapper? What in the trick-or-treat hell is that??? Seriously, what are we giving kids to eat? Sorry, went off the rails there, but just don’t piss off Peanut M&M’s and we’re fine.

  • This Dez Fitzpatrick guy is pretty good – has he been on the team all season?? That was sarcasm, and I am laying it on really thick if you couldn’t tell. Finally, the staff utilized Dez, and it paid off in a big way. His juggling catch and run for a score was the cherry on top of Louisville’s comeback. Dez had 7 receptions for 133 yards and one score. This was his best game of the season, and for now it silences the fans who were screaming for the staff to get him involved. Dez is our best receiver and will be a key component on this team if the Cards want to go bowling this season.
  • Despite a really rough start, I really think Malik played well against FSU. Cunningham went 16/27 for 286 yards and three scores (two passing, one rushing). The concern immediately went to him after the game when it was discovered he was carted off the field with an apparent ankle injury. Per Twitter, his dad eased all fears by letting the fans know he will be fine. If there were ever a need for a bye week, this is it.
  • Tutu continued his touchdown streak on Saturday with another receiving score. Atwell finished with 5 receptions for 69 yards (nice) and a nice over-the-shoulder catch from Cunningham in the second quarter. I am not sure if it’s Atwell being every QB’s favorite receiver, or if it’s the fact he is able to consistently get separation from defenders, but it’s apparent that he will a big problem for opposing defenses this season.
  • Javian Hawkins and Hassan Hall saw their strong starts come to an end on Saturday. Hall rushed for 57 yards while Hawkins chipped in 52 yards. FSU may be a shell of its former self, but it is still pretty good against the run.
  • The good news is that Khane Pass had a big day for the Louisville defense. The bad news is he plays safety. Whenever a member of your secondary is leading the team in tackles, that is normally a bad sign.
  • Louisville lost the game, and I am not going to single out one play that changed the outcome. The first quarter was dismal, and Louisville was in trouble long before the busted coverage play that led to a 60-yard score. BUT, the fact that a flag was not thrown on this obvious display of taunting was a bit baffling:
Sooooo, you can wave to a defender now as you are scoring a TD?

Ok ACC officiating……ok.

  • You can never really get enough of the sights and sounds of Tallahassee.
Gotta love CardNation live tweets.
This was after the Malik Cunningham rushing TD.
  • I love how our rivals to the east love to choose anything, and I do mean anything, to justify their actions. Rather than admit their player Trash Daniel should be suspended, they watch the Louisville game to try and form a rebuttal. Now, mind you, the game began at 3:30 pm while UK played at 4:00 pm. So this guy ignored his game to focus on ours. And we’re little brother?? Hope your shoulder is okay Chris – this was a hell of a reach:
  • We gotta stop Mark Blankenbaker from attending road games. My heart sank as soon as I knew he was in Tallahassee. He was in Nashville too so that is why it was so hot and Jack Fagot was ejected for a terrible targeting call. Blame him.


The courtroom will now be opened for questioning as well as statements:

T Luck (@JukeJointTony): Do you think Chick-Fil-A does more business on Saturdays or Mondays? People gotta get their fix with the pickle chicken not available on Sunday.

I think they see a huge increase in customers on Monday since people have been waiting a full 24+ hours before they can savor a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. I love Chick-Fil-A’s breakfast, and it’s a shame that I can’t get a chicken, egg, and cheese biscuit and some hash brown rounds on Sunday morning after a night of football watching. Popeye’s is open though…….

Fly Casual (@DoctorColby): Do you agree with the rule that taunting results in a touchdown being negated? Is it a good rule that should be enforced or a bad rule that should be changed but enforced as long as it’s on the books?

I am torn. If Louisville did it and got away with it, I would be laughing and applauding it. But since it happened to us and nothing was done about it I was upset. Bottom line, if you don’t want to get taunted by the opposing team, perhaps you shouldn’t leave receivers wide open. Still, I would have understood if there was a 15 yards penalty assessed on the kickoff or if the touchdown was brought back all-together. But here we are.

Rachel (@snicklefritz): “Do you think all those people who said we should open the bank to get Jeff Brohm are regretting it?”

Still early but at the moment it looks like a solid YES. Brohm is currently sitting at 14-15 overall at Purdue. While he has breathed new life into a once struggling program and led them to a huge upset against Ohio State in his second season, the problems with his defense remain. Brohm’s teams will score. That is for certain.

Brohm’s teams normally have to score in bunches because their defense is the epitome of a liability. Brohm has the added pressure of performing now that he is making six million a year.

I think in the end, Vince Tyra will look like a genius after seeing what Satterfield will do here once he has the depth in place. In the end, he said no, and it worked out for both parties involved.

J’Aunna (J_Truebeauty): After a hard fought comeback, are you encouraged by the fight the team showed or discouraged by the late game hiccups/mistakes on both sides of the ball??

Both. I was happy they didn’t just lie down and get embarrassed like they did countless times last year. However, I was disappointed with some of the mistakes made. The block in the back penalty was a killer on what should have been a kickoff return for a score. The wide open receivers, the middle of the field being open the entire game, the drops, and the penalties. Louisville had countless chances to win this game and couldn’t get it done. It will be better in my opinion once this team fully buys in and Satterfield’s culture change is complete.


Person(s) or things that earned a shot of top shelf liquor this week:

  • Dez 6-Patrick
  • Malik Cunningham
  • Khane Pass
  • WYMT for showing the angle of Trash Daniel “gently massaging” the Florida QB’s ankle
  • Louisville Live – I legit cannot wait to see what they have planned.
  • Sir Theodore Bridgewater aka Teddy IceWater. He’s back….
  • Peanut M&M’s
  • Kyle Juszczyk:

Person(s) or things that earned a plate of expired potted meat.

  • Trash Daniel. I don’t enjoy calling amateur athletes trash, but I don’t like punk moves like deliberately trying to injure a player for the hell of it. I also don’t like fans who condone it for the sake of saving face.
  • Mark Blankenbaker road trips
  • Nick Chubb. For the second week in a row you have cost me a win in my FFL.
  • Squirrels. I see you guys being extremely active which means a brutal winter approaches.
  • Bobby and the old staff


And in closing, let’s hope the week off helps the team rest up, as well as get some of the mistakes that we have seen corrected. The Cards return on Oct. 5th to take on Boston College, and it will also be homecoming.

No column next week, but you can catch Dave Scull and me on the TCZ Podcast recapping the weekend and previewing Boston College. Let’s all look forward to the fact we won’t lose this weekend and we all get a win thanks to Louisville Live. Enjoy.

Be cool in this hot city.

Court adjourned (bangs gavel)

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