What’s good, everyone? In case you’re wondering, no, I am still not over the pistol whipping we delivered to FSU and tomorrow we get to pop the trunk on Marshall and do it again. We always wondered what Bobby would have done with Vick in Atlanta and I don’t think anyone can blame him for dipping now that we’ve seen Bobby coach a freak QB.


Saturday’s game got me thinking about the last time Marshall beat us and our coach at the time blaming the loss on the release of a video game earlier that week. It’s still the lamest excuse I’ve heard from a man who can tell you how many calories his players consumed on Tuesday. Even the Five Pillars or whatever he had, was baloney, gaming I’m sure was added. Maybe he swapped it out for “Respect Others”. Earlier this week Adam Froman mentioned the former staff he has spoken with all said they regretted the bolt to Texas. For a long time I was heartbroken over the loss of a man I believed to be of integrity, honesty, and leadership. Swing and a miss, I was wrong.


While I hate this for Coach Bedford and company, I am completely apathetic to Charlie. I feel neither way about that man with a shiny head. I appreciate the wins and reviving our program. We never make the ACC if Tom doesn’t nail that hire, and he did. I appreciate the slew of talent Charlie brought to the program, it was unprecedented. I appreciate the Sugar Bowl victory and I’ll enjoy a bottle of his Maker’s if we have a disappointing season and get stuck in a Bowl against whoever he is coaching. However, if Grantham ever leaves, please notify Coach Bedford all the TBG BBQ he wants if he comes home. Jeez Bobby and Vance press conferences alone make this a must happen idea.


Here’s what I don’t miss, I don’t miss feeling neglected. I don’t miss seeing a coach who is bored to death discussing the team he coaches and the one I cheer for. I’m sick of that feeling, sick of being told to fan correctly by a guy who said be more like our rival. Clearly Charlie has never been on the internet and read the words that fan base sent his way or he would’ve never uttered that sentence. I’m sick of coaches leaving and our fans asking why nobody loves us. It’s the helpless feeling I assume a parent feels when their child is bullied. At some point you just want to yell, knock it off.


This post isn’t What’s Bad, its What’s Good, so let me tell you what’s good, Bobby is good. I was openly disappointed in the hire at the time. It felt wrong. It felt dirty. But guess what, I was deflecting. I was still mad at the way he left us, the way he left his other jobs, and thought “he’s gonna screw us again”. I was wrong, and I am sorry. In our highest sustained moments as a football team, Bobby was involved. He’s like the college girlfriend that you were never serious with, but you meet back up at 40, after a divorce, and settle down to a normal life with them. Which is what you’ve both pursued in your time apart.


The reason I’m able to write this and admit my petty faults is a guy like Bobby gives me hope that we can all be redeemed. Redemption is one of the finest events in a person’s life. Life is hard and it will put you on the mat, but you have to get up, even you have to grab a rope, just get back up. I want to believe that hearts and minds evolve. If this is the best any of us will ever be, why bother with tomorrow? Friends and I discuss this topic, and without going into details, because we all know them, we have reached a conclusion about the factors.


His son. His son coming out obviously impacted him because it made a guy like Bobby think about the life others live. We’re all guilty of not caring until something affects us. This is why it’s important to keep a diverse circle, remember when I covered guests at your cookouts?


Grandchildren. I don’t need to say much here, we’ve all seen tough dads turn into teddy bears when they have grandchildren. A friend said “grandchildren are a way to make up for your parenting faults and prove to your children you’re good”. That’s true and also a great analogy for Bobby’s homecoming. Family has apparently helped Bobby along the way, look how many of his family is on staff. It’s the family ties and his foundation that is a steroid injection to my belief he’s sticking around here until he’s done.


Fans. Obviously he and Tom have a unique work relationship but I am not speculating on any of it because I don’t speculate on Tom Jurich. That is a fool’s errand and a death wish. Seriously, if this post catches his ears secondhand you better tell him I think he’s basically the greatest man in the city, possibly world, and I would probably call him dad if instructed to. So back to us, the fans. Fans have embraced him in a fashion I’m not sure any other base would have at the time of the hire. We took the jokes in stride because deep down we were all thinking, “dude you’re tossing rocks downhill but I have a brick for you as soon as I walk up there”. The climb is over and we have reached the summit. It’s time to plant our flag and take some really sweet pictures to show people who have never left the ground, or claim they did back in the 1950’s. Boom, had to get a uk joke in there because I’ve been slacking in the last couple posts. I know and appreciate my audience.


So there it is, my written apology to Coach Petrino and the fans that supported his return from the jump-off. You were right, I was wrong. This is the first documented time on the internet I have typed those words, so enjoy them. I hope if I ever stumble (again) in life, I have a friend as good as Jurich to help me get back up. If anyone around me ever falls (again) I hope I’m as good of a friend to them as Tom has been to Bobby. Now let’s go hang 80 on the Thundering Herd and laugh about the time our ex blamed losing to a C-USA team on a video game and appreciate the guy disappointed he left 21 points on the field against The Noles. Better Conference, Better Coach, Papa Tom’s. Go Cards, and Go Krogering.


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