Montrezl broke the single season dunk record.  I will have a video coming out to commemorate this achievement Wednesday night.  Season Records will be harder to break in the age of players leaving early., While Behanan tied Ellison last year – Harrell has blown past this long-standing record, WITH MANY GAMES TO GO.

To think we didn’t even recruit the kid. DOH!

RPI & Kenpom

Louisville’s low SOS is hard for Computers to figure out.  Louisville’s SOS is currently 105, and will likely drop after the USF game is factored in.

  • Real Time RPI says this puts Louisville at 36 – clearly too low.
  • Kenpom says it puts Louisville #6 – clearly too high.
  • Maybe we should just add up and divide by 2?
    • What’s pretty crazy – seeing this disparity – UK is #14 in both.  I guess if a team has an SOS in the good range, you fall in line.  Have it in the bad range – who knows where you’ll land.

As Cards fans know, plenty of SOS boosters on the way, starting Saturday versus #7 ranked Cincinnati.


Trends:  TVT (productivity per minute) last 5 games.

Team rank sorted below based on statistical productivity per minute – past 5 games.



  • Hancock: Luke Hancock is hot.  How hot?  On the season, he is #5 in productivity.  Last 5 games?  He is #2 in production per minute.  Boom. Beards. Grow them.
  • Jones: Jones quietly producing more and more – #4 on team rank last 5 games, and that includes his stinker against USF.  Cards will need him, good to see.
  • Rozier: I am surprised to see Rozier last in team production (major minute’s players).  He has a solid score of 0.46, so maybe an indication that he isn’t playing poorly, just other team members being “awesomer”.


TVT Season Rankings, sorted highest to lowest




I added a “Steady Production Column”.  Folks who maintain a streak of 0.50 score or higher, or simply put, every 2 minutes they contribute 1 positive net stat to help the team win.

  • Luke: You can see Luke’s 5 game hot streak well represented.
  • Montrezl: leads the team with 17 straight games over 0.50 score, so yeah – Cards need him on the floor, no more technical fouls.
  • Russ: Not surprisingly also has a high score, 14 straight games.
  • Team: Does it frighten you that the drop off is so severe after Trezl and Smith?  Kind of a ghost yard for consistent production after those two.


Baseline: TVT Scores the  last time we played Cincinnati




  • Team:  Louisville’s best individual TVT score was 0.60 – that’s low for the top spot.  Real low. If you remember Cards came off an 8 game break, and couldn’t shoot straight until second half. Also, compare to the past 5 games, Louisville has SIX players AVERAGING OVER 0.60 per game.  Cinci plays good D, but Cards are clicking right now.
  • Blackshear:  Played 5 minutes.  Can’t have that Saturday.
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