What a difference a year makes. From becoming a recruit that was deemed “settling” by some to now being a leader and a major contributor heading into his junior year at Louisville, Quentin Snider has seen his share of ups and downs. When Chris Jones was dismissed from Louisville in February of 2015, Snider had scored only 64 points in total for the year and had played over 20 minutes in a game twice up to that point.

After Chris Jones’ dismissal? Snider averaged almost 35 minutes per game. Talk about being thrown into the fire. Sure, Snider struggled at times, but as time went on you could see him becoming more comfortable in the game, and the offense ran smoother because of it.

Fast forward to this year, Snider was one of the key factors in this season’s success. He led the team in 3 point shooting percentage as well as assist rate. It was obvious he had put in the work in the off-season to improve but just how much did he actually improve? Let’s take a look.


These numbers go to show how Snider really made a big leap forward from his freshman to his sophomore year. Not only did his assists go up and turnovers go down (which is key for a point guard) but he improved his shooting numbers, immensely. One more interesting statistic on Snider regarding his defensive ability? Snider finished the 2015-2016 season ranked 10th in the ACC in defensive rating according to sports-reference.com. Yes, there are things that Snider must improve on as he heads into his third year at Louisville (what player doesn’t), but it is pretty amazing to see just how far he has already come.

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