LJ is out, so we once again call on our man Roommate Tom to fill his spot. We put a bow on the men’s season, and talk about the women’s path to the title. Plus we go a little long (incredibly too long) talking about the TV bracket. Join Joe, Biscuit, and Tom for all the fun!

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Biggest Biscuit

Dave Scull, otherwise known as "Biscuit" or "BiggestBiscuit" is an avid follower of all sports and is a fierce advocate for his home city. He was a walk-on at UofL for one season, which means he wasn't a good football player, but has seen what good football players look like *up close*. His main passions are Louisville sports, offensive line play, smoked and grilled meats, and the New York Jets (have pity on him). Find him over a flame.

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