The Crunchzone is proud to present a new series for your viewing pleasure. Introducing “Tailgate Crashers”, a complete guide to the tailgate crews of CardNation.

This week, we find ourselves enjoying unique dishes with the Catalina Wine Mixer Tailgate.

Hosted by LJ Nesbitt and produced by Chrissy Banta.

Who: The Catalina Wine Mixer Tailgate.

Members: Spencer McKiness, Kevin Tytus, and a host others.

Fun fact: If there is a food that can be placed on the smoker, they will find it and place it on the smoker .

Location: Corner of Crittenden and Central directly across from the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe and right next to the Collision Course Crew Tailgate.

Little known fact: They make smoked peach cobbler……smoked….peach…. cobbler.

How it all started:

Kevin Tytus and Spencer McKiness explain the origin of the CWMT
The world famous smoked peach cobbler
Smoked meatloaf. Momma didn’t make it like this….
Always a good time to be had
Biscuit, your thoughts???

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