Don Kohler, unofficial official ref of KFC Yum! Center

twitter: @dfkgolf 

How long have you been a season ticket holder?

6-7 years… My first game was a UofL/UK game and at the time I was also a grade-school boys basketball coach for my son and his friends and I thought it translated well to the grade school level when trying to teach young kids the game of basketball, who have to play below the rim. I really enjoy watching the way these elite level athletes execute.

I see you at most of the women’s games on the sideline, are you at the mens games as well?

Most of them.

Same seat?

No. But I am next to the band.

Do you also wear a refs shirt?


Why is that?

I don’t get on the refs at the men’s games, they have a lot less control over the game which is why it’s important for them (WBB) to be good… which is shameful because they’re not!

Ha ha. So you think you could jump right in there and make the correct call?  Is this a distraction tactic or governing one?

I correct them with regularity. These girls work too hard to go out and do the right thing and to be penalized for something they did well…  I let them (refs) know it.

I’ve seen a pink version of your shirt, how many versions are there?

Only 2.  The pink is for the #Play4Kay game, I have several white and black stripes.  The pink is also our team uniform for the UofL women’s golf outing.

So what are some of your favorite memories.. players?

Certainly watching the pizzaz of Shoni Schimmel for 4 years. I’ve really enjoyed watching Myisha play.. and Arica Carter.  I remind Myisha of when she came in and how far she has come.  She is a spectacular athlete.  She was a high school star and now a college super star.  Its been so much fun to watch her develop.  Not that I know her particularly well, but I talk to her after every game but she’s a terrific person and nice woman.  I’m gonna hate to see her leave, I told her that at the beginning of the year and I hope she’s enjoyed it.

Any post season predictions/superstitions?

My wife and I are going to Greensboro for the ACC tournament, I hope I didn’t jinx them because I’ve already bought regional tickets in Lexington.  But I think we can beat Notre Dame again, this time in the Championship game… bring that trophy home, then surely we will be a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.


Safe travels to Don and his wife and the rest of #Cardnation making the trips to post-season.  Welcome to March (=


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