Our man Dave Scull is resting up and recharging the batteries but we’ll keep the home fires burning. If we haven’t beaten Clemson by sunrise, call the President. Can the Cardinals do it against the Tigers? Hey, we’re fans, but we’re also honest. As such, the answer is probably not. But, this season has defied expectations, and Louisville football has a chance to shock the world. Float like a butterfly, and here’s five keys.

PREVIEW: Louisville vs. Clemson

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1) Timing Is Everything

Against Florida State the Tigers managed to possess the pigskin for an astonishing two-thirds of the game. Safe to say a lot of good things can happen for you offensively when you don’t let the other team have the ball. I learned that in the John Madden/Booger McFarland School Of Hot Takes.

The Cardinals have to extend possession with the run game, and indeed even the Clemson pundits feel that’s the only way for Louisville to stay in this one. The Cards’ defense has shown a propensity for fatigue late in games, and the more opportunities they have to rest and reset the better.

2) Run The Damn Ball

Want to extend the game? RUN THE DAMN BALL! It won’t be easy, considering the Tigers defense is allowing an average of just 104 yards rushing per game. But Javian Hawkins and Hassan Hall have had a habit of exceeding expectations so far this season.

3) Don’t Miss

Defensive coordinator Bryan Brown is constantly referencing, “MAs,” in his weekly press conferences so it’s safe to say that hitting assignments defensively is a key from his perspective. For a defense that’s allowing +450 yards per game this season (615 over the past two), there’s a lot left to be desired. But at the very least the Cardinals can stay alert and prevent the deep plays. They did a damn good job of it against Wake Forest…early on. We know Rodjay, Yasir, and A.J. have it in them. Let’s hope they have the opportunity to recharge thanks to a steady Louisville offense.

4) Get Off The Field

There have been repeated instances of the Louisville defense having their opponent dead to rights on third down, only to give up 5, 10, or even 15 yards. Safe to say that’s not something you can do against Clemson and expect to win. I would be willing to listen to Van Halen Hagar if it meant getting off the field on third down. Yasir Abdullah, Rodjay Burns, and Khane Pass have been stellar of late so let’s hope they set the tone.

5) Turnabout Is Fair Play

  • Employ strobe lighting while on defense
  • Shine lasers in the faces of the Clemson offense
  • Move the first down marker then celebrate when it works
  • Drop random assholes into the Clemson huddle
  • Infiltrate the Louisville sideline with spies
  • Use whatever technology you desire on the field
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