Selection Sunday is 7 weeks from yesterday and it’s probably still a little early to begin looking at where the Cards are at the moment especially with a REALLY tough schedule upcoming UofL.  The Cards can make gains towards their seeding AND they can also slide from their current position. There are 12 regular season games remaining…and of course the ACC Tournament.

Keep in mind.

  • Louisville can’t play in the South Regional because the Yum! Center hosts the Regional Semifinals & Regional Final (Sweet 16 & Elite 8) there this season.  This will limit Louisville to 3 Regional options for 2016.

The other Regional locations are:  Anaheim, CA (Honda Center-WEST), Philadelphia, PA (Wells Fargo Center-EAST), or Chicago, IL (United Center (Midwest).  Chicago is probably the most fan friendly option but there isn’t an Indianapolis or Nashville here for Louisville fans so Chicago may as well be Anaheim for many.

The most fan-friendly route is Louisville playing its 1st & 2nd round match-ups in St. Louis and playing in Chicago for the Regional rounds.

Joe Lunardi

#4 Seed in the West (Chicago) via Spokane, WA. 

Lundari currently has Louisville as the #4 seed in the WEST Region (Anaheim) via Spokane, WA. Lunardi projects the Cards to play #13 seed Hawai’i in Round 1 with the winner of that contest to play the winner of Arizona/San Diego State to advance to the Sweet 16.

Seeds of the Lundari West Region

  1. Villanova
  2. Virginia
  3. Maryland
  4. Louisville
  5. Arizona
  6. Duke
  7. Texas
  8. Michigan
  9. Florida
  10. Butler
  11. Monmouth
  12. San Diego State
  13. Hawai’i
  14. Yale
  15. UNC-Asheville
  16. NAVY

Jerry Palm

#4 Seed in Midwest Region (Chicago) via Spokane, WA

Palm has the Cards as the #4 seed in the Midwest Region (Chicago) via Spokane, WA.  Jerry projects the Cards playing #13 seed Hofstra.  The winner would play the winner of the #5/#12 game Purdue/VCU to advance to the Sweet 16.  Purdue is probably a team Louisville would like to avoid.

Seeds of the Jerry Palm Midwest Region

  1. Xavier
  2. Kansas
  3. Michigan State (of course)
  4. Louisville
  5. Purdue
  6. Southern Cal
  7. Duke
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Texas Tech
  10. Wichita State
  11. UCONN/St. Joseph’s
  12. VCU
  13. Hofstra
  14. Kent State
  15. Texas A&M CC
  16. Montana

Shelby Mast/ USA TODAY

#4 Seed in West Region (Anaheim) via Providence, RI

Mast has Louisville as the #4 seed in the West Region (Anaheim) via Providence, RI.  Shelby projects the Cards to play #13 seed UAB.  The winner would play the winner of the #5/#12 Arizona/San Diego State game to advance to the Sweet 16 in Anaheim.

  1. Kansas
  2. Oregon
  3. Michigan State (of course)
  4. Louisville
  5. Arizona
  6. Dayton
  7. Wichita State
  8. South Carolina
  9. St. Mary’s
  10. Butler
  11. Texas Tech
  12. San Diego State
  13. UAB
  14. Northern Illinois
  15. Texas A&M CC
  16. New Mexico State
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