Bobby Petrino has been an offensive coach for a long time.  He’s also the play caller for Louisville.  But that doesn’t mean that losing Garrick McGee to Illinois isn’t a tough blow.  McGee has done a great job of TEACHING what Petrino wants in his Quarterbacks/Offense and has worked with Petrino for a long time.

So who might Bobby Petrino turn to to replace Garrick?  Well if Bobby is going to go back in history the pickings will be slim….. Petrino has had a lot of continuity at the OC & QB coach positions and of the 5 guys that Bobby has worked with over his 12 seasons FOUR have been a head coach at some point.  It’s likely that Garrick McGee wants to be a head coach again someday and the ability to call the shots at Illinois with a defensive coach like Lovie Smith lured the long-time Petrino assistant away…….understandable.

OC/QB Coaches Petrino Has Worked With That UofL Can’t Get

Jeff Brohm is one of the hottest HEAD COACH names in the country as the Head Coach of WKU.  Brohm will have his pick of available jobs at the end of 2016.  He’s not going to come home to Louisville for the OC job, when he leaves Western it will be to become a Head Coach of a Power 5 school.  Hue Jackson just got the Head Coaching job of the Cleveland Browns!  Bill Musgrave is a career NFL coach (since 1997) and is currently the Offensive Coordinator of the Oakland Raiders.

And of course Garrick McGee who just left.

OC/QB Coach Petrino Has Worked With That UofL Could Get

The first name that pops up is, of course, Paul Petrino.  Paul is the Head Coach of the Idaho Vandals.  Idaho is one of the toughest jobs in all of college football and Petrino is 6-29 in Moscow.  Last season Petrino improved from 1-11 (2013), 1-10 (2014) to 4-8 (2015).  It was the most games Idaho has won since 2010. Additionally Petrino made $423,526 last season as the Head Coach (only 9 schools pay less).  Garrick McGee’s salary before bonuses was $850,000.  Lastly, Bobby Petrino has a family thing going on right now at UofL with son Nick Petrino getting the Wide Receivers Coaching job (a job Paul once had at UofL from 2003-2006) and son-in-law LD School who coaches the Defensive Line.  It’s hard to say if Paul Petrino would want to stop being a head coach, but it would be neat to get the gang back together.

If Not Paul Petrino, Who?

Great question.  Bobby Petrino recently added three young coaches to the staff in Keith Heyward, Cort Dennison & Nick Petrino so it would stand to reason that he might target someone slightly more seasoned.  But Petrino regularly meets with other staffs and coaches across the country during the off-season and do professional development training and share ideas.  If Paul Petrino doesn’t come home, Bobby will likely select someone who he’s collaborated with in the past, which is what happened when Petrino chose Secondary coach Keith Heyward.

Also don’t forget that Petrino often speaks fondly of Stefan LeFors (Christian Academy) who ran his offense better than any other Louisville Quarterback.  I’d also look at Dave Ragone (QB Coach Chicago Bears) & Chris Redman if considering former Louisville Quarterbacks.  But at this point it would be very difficult to know what direction Petrino will go.

Bobby Petrino’s Offensive Coordinators & Quarterback Coaches

2015 Louisville:  Garrick McGee
2014 Louisville: Garrick McGee
2013 Western Kentucky:  Jeff Brohm
2012:  Did not coach
2011 Arkansas:  Garrick McGee
2010 Arkansas: Garrick McGee
2009 Arkansas: Paul Petrino OC/Garrick McGee QB
2008 Arkansas: Paul Petrino OC/Garrick McGee QB
2007 Atlanta Falcons: Hue Jackson OC/Bill Musgrave QB
2006 Louisville:  Paul Petrino OC/Jeff Brohm QB
2005 Louisville: Paul Petrino OC/Jeff Brohm QB
2004 Louisville: Paul Petrino OC/Jeff Brohm QB
2003 Louisville: Paul Petrino OC/Jeff Brohm QB

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