It might be April, but with Louisville’s Spring Game approaching on Friday it’s time to go over some of College Football’s rule changes for 2015.  We’ll review these in August as we get closer to the season-opener in Atlanta vs. Auburn, but some of these rule changes you may see on the field Friday night in the Red/White Game.

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) has approved rules changes for 2015.
The following are the new Approved Rulings (AR) as they will appear in the 2015 NCAA football rule book.
Pads Illegal Through Play
At the end of a down, B55’s shoulder pad has become exposed and is not covered by the jersey. RULING: Illegal equipment. Because the pad became exposed through play, B33 is not required to leave the game. The pad must be covered by the jersey before the ball is next put into play.
Overbuilt Facemask
As Team A is about to break its huddle, the Referee notices that A35 is wearing an overbuilt facemask. RULING: A35 must leave the game for one down to get a legal facemask. Team A may use an available charged timeout in order that A35 not miss a down, but he may not play with the illegal facemask.
Illegal Equipment through play
When the ball is dead after scrimmage down, the Umpire notices that linebacker B55 has an exposed back pad at waist level, which apparently became exposed during the previous down. RULING: B55 is not required to leave the game, but be must cover the exposed pad with his jersey before the next down.
Ball Not Ready for Play
When the ball is dead after a running play that ends out of bounds, the 40-second play clock is started. The umpire receives the ball from the line judge, and as he is placing it on the ground, he sees that it is one of Team B’s balls. He tosses the ball to the line 2 judge who attempts to get a Team A ball from the ball boy. RULING: If the play clock reads 25 or less before the correct ball is in from the sideline and ready for play, the Referee declares a timeout and signals to reset the play clock to 25 seconds. When the correct ball is ready for play he signals to start the play clock and the game clock.
When the ball is dead after a running play that ends in the side zone, the officials have difficulty getting the ball in to the hash mark. As the play clock nears 25, the Umpire places the ball on the ground, and by the time the officials are ready, the play clock is somewhat below 25 when the Umpire steps away. RULING: Without stopping the game clock, the Referee gives the “pump” signal to indicate that the play clock is to be reset to 25. If the play clock is quickly reset to 25, the game clock does not stop. Only if the play clock operator does not quickly respond to the Referee’s “pump” signal will the Referee declare a timeout, signal for the play clock to be set at 25, and then signal to start both the play and game clocks.
Play Clock: Helmet Off
During a play running play that ends in bounds, a linebacker’s helmet comes off. When the ball becomes dead the game clock is stopped and reads 0:45 in the second quarter. RULING: The play clock is set at 40 seconds. Team A has the option for a 10-second runoff. If Team A exercises this option, unless Team B is charged with a timeout the game clock is set to 0:35 and starts on the Referee’s signal. If Team B uses a timeout to avoid the 10-second runoff, the game clock remains at 0:45, the play clock is set at 25 and starts on the Referee’s signal, and the game clock starts on the snap.
Unsuccessful Field Goal Attempt
Team A snaps the ball at the B-15 to attempt a field goal. The kick is blocked, crosses the neutral zone and lands at the B-12. Before any player touches it beyond the neutral zone, the ball rebounds behind the neutral zone and goes out of bounds at the (a) B-17; (b) B-25. RULING: (a) Team B’s ball, first and 10 at the B-17; (b) Team B’s ball, first and 10 at the B-25.
Pulling Opponent off the pile
During the play, the ball carrier fumbles and several players dive for the ball. B55 grabs A33 and slings him off the pile. RULING: B55 is charged with a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. 15 yards and automatic first down. The Referee announces that this is either the first or second unsportsmanlike conduct foul against B55. If it is the second, B55 is disqualified from the game.
Sideline Interference
On the opening kickoff, B22 catches the kick at his goal line and returns the ball down the sideline on Team B’s side of the field. As he moves down the sideline officiating the play, the side judge either runs into or must run around a Team B coach or squad member in the restricted area (“the white”). B22 is driven out of bounds at the A-20. RULING: Either situation is physical interference with an official during the play. No warning. Team B foul for unsportsmanlike conduct administered as a dead-ball foul. After the 15-yard penalty, Team B will have first and 10 at the A-35.
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