Like many drafts before, the 2019 edition of Major League Baseball’s annual draft had a heavy Louisville presence. 8 players were selected over the course of the 3 day long draft, highlighted by preseason All-American Logan Wyatt. The Louisville native is the 10th Cardinal in program history to be drafted in the second round or higher, and is the fourth straight season in which Louisville had a player drafted in the first two rounds.

This is the eighth season in which the Cards have had 5 or more picks, all coming under Dan McDonnell. Louisville’s 8 players drafted ties the second-most picks in a single draft, matching 2018’s total. The 2010 draft remain Louisville’s highest output, producing 10 draft picks. The Cards also had a trio of recruits drafted, with Avery Short, Michael Prosecky & Levi Usher all being selected.

All draftees have until July 15th to sign their tender.

Logan Wyatt

Round: 2nd
Pick: 51st
Organization: San Francisco Giants
Class: Junior
Position: First Baseman

Michael McAvene

Round: 3rd
Pick: 103rd
Organization: Chicago Cubs
Class: Junior
Position: Right-Handed Pitcher

Tyler Fitzgerald

Round: 4th
Pick: 116th
Organization: San Francisco Giants
Class: Junior
Position: Shortstop

Nick Bennett

Round: 6th
Pick: 193rd
Organization: Milwaukee Brewers
Class: Junior
Position: Left-Handed Pitcher

Bryan Hoeing

Round: 7th
Pick: 201st
Organization: Miami Marlins
Class: Senior
Position: Right-Handed Pitcher

Avery Short

Round: 12th
Pick: 362nd
Organization: Arizona Diamondbacks
Class: Class of 2019 Recruit
Position: Left-Handed Pitcher

Jake Snider

Round: 20th
Pick: 604th
Organization: Pittsburgh Pirates
Class: Junior
Position: Outfielder

Drew Campbell

Round: 23rd
Pick: 697th
Organization: Atlanta Braves
Class: Junior
Position: Outfielder

Michael Prosecky

Round: 35th
Pick: 1050th
Organization: Philadelphia Phillies
Class: Class of 2019 Recruit
Position: Left-Handed Pitcher

Shay Smiddy

Round: 36th
Pick: 1088th
Organization: Tampa Bay Rays
Class: Junior
Position: Right-Handed Pitcher

Levi Usher

Round: 37th
Pick: 1111th
Organization: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Class: JUCO Transfer
Position: Outfielder

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