Fresh off a bye week, Louisville travels to Philadelphia to open up AAC play against Temple. Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson, along with selected offensive players, met with the media after today’s practice.  Here are some notes from today’s practice.

– Louisville WR Damian Copeland said after a school-record 9 consecutive wins last season, the team felt like ‘they made it’, then a Syracuse and Connecticut loss followed.  Those were hard lessons, and ones they don’t want to repeat.

– Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson said the biggest thing the Cardinals tried to accomplish during the bye week was ‘getting ahead on work’. Watson noted the short weeks ahead. He’s right. Starting on Saturday against Temple, Louisville will play 3 games over the span of 13 days. The bye week was put to good use.

– A simple observation: the Louisville football team looked as rested as I’ve seen all season.

– Shawn Watson says WR Michalee Harris is ‘full bore’ and that he’s ‘earned his time on the field’, meaning the Cardinals will handle him like any other injury-free player in practice/games. It’s certainly a pleasure to hear that after Harris has suffered a laundry list of injuries in his time at Louisville.

– Damian Copeland: “I feel like we can take on anybody in America. I feel like Coach [Charlie] Strong can line us up out there with Alabama, and we’d give them a run for their money.”

– Shawn Watson: “I tell people this a lot:  this is the greatest, simplest experience I’ve ever had coaching. The kids got such great spirits. They really do. I love our staff. Everybody is on the same page. You walk in that building and you get it from everybody. In the right way though. We really care about these kids and we want them to succeed. If you mold the character, you’re gonna get the player.”

– There was a certain ‘mood’ about today’s practice.  The Louisville football team as a whole seemed focused for their upcoming game against Temple. WR Damian Copeland certainly exemplified the ‘one game at a time’ approach when I spoke with him.

– Lastly, TE Gerald Christian is still a very large man. Each time I catch a glimpse of him at practice – which is often – I find myself wrapping my head around him running at me full speed. It’s a frightening thought.


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