It’s the second installment of the ‘Winning Recipe’. This week the Cardinals – up to #8 in the polls – meet FCS school Eastern Kentucky. These Colonels need your prayers, they want you to help. Unfortunately for them, there are very little conceivable ways that the Colonels can win on Saturday; but I’ll attempt to break it down below anyway. I hope you enjoy.


They show up. Louisville is a 42 point favorite on Saturday. The more compelling thing will be to see if they cover that, rather than if they win. The pure athleticism of the Cardinals will take over the Colonels at the very latest point of midway through 2nd quarter. Kudos to EKU though for continuing this series. It’s mutually beneficial for both schools. Eastern Kentucky gets a nice payday and the Cardinals will get the closest thing to a guaranteed win.

There will be a few things to that may make an interesting storyline; one being how long Teddy Bridgewater plays in this game. Obviously you would think the Cardinals will have determined the outcome by halftime. Will Charlie Strong continue to air it out, in an effort to pad Bridgewater’s stat line for the Heisman voters? Possibly to run up the score as much as possible to impress pollsters? I mean, as impressed as the critics can get after a win over Eastern Kentucky (Here’s a hint: It’s not much). We shall see. This writer thinks we’ll see Bridgewater for nearly a full three quarters on Saturday, and yes, the Cardinals will run up the score a bit.



Pat Moorer decides weightlifting is more important. Pat Moorer – seen above, obviously – is bigger than you, Pat Moorer is bigger than me, Pat Moorer is pretty much the scariest man on the face of the planet. Basically what’s happening here is Louisville Strength and Conditioning Coach Pat Moorer tells the Louisville Football team that weightlifting for the Kentucky game next week, is actually more important than Eastern Kentucky this week. They decide to agree because Pat Moorer arms tell them to do so.

Moorer decides that he doesn’t need guys that won’t play in next weeks game; along with kickers, because John Wallace is already basically a monster of a man.

Louisville sends out a team full of kickers and Freshman to play against the Colonels. Through three quarters the #ChandlerForHeisman campaign is in full force. He’s racked up 500 yards of offense and the real question appears to be: Who will start next week, Freshman OL Chandler Bridges or Teddy Bridgewater?


This answer appears to be obvious until suddenly the Louisville Offensive Line starts to falter late in the fourth quarter. Bridges gets sacked on four consecutive plays and the pesty Colonels defeat the Cardinals, 45-42. Roll Colonel?

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