Jeff Goodman dropped a “Happy Friday” bomb on Card nation, saying Jaylen Johnson has committed to Louisville.

Johnson is an extremely versatile 6’9″ power forward from Ypsilanti, Mich.

Only 16, and is said to have a high ceiling, one that he isn’t close to yet.  Where is he now?  Most services have him around the top 60.  Long and athletic, this is a Pitino player.  He is said to be an explosive rebounder, and great with the ball around the post.

Other schools in the mix for Jaylen Johnson were: Oregon, USC, Iowa State, Florida State, UNLV, Michigan State and Michigan.

An important recruit considering the potential front court defections off Louisville’s team next year with another great run.

Sounds like an Earl Clark style PF.  Long, athletic, and mobile.

Rejoice and be happy, it’s a hell of a Friday morning.


jaylen johnson



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