What’s good? Volunteering is good. Donating is good. Doing for others is good. This past weekend I volunteered to work the V Foundation golf scramble. It was life changing. Any charity event that makes you want to light yourself on fire and sprint through a brick wall is a charity worth volunteering for. Some people provide monetary support, others donate time. These two resources are how we beat cancer. Time and money. So what I’m saying is, in between joy riding on a golf cart with my brother Jason, and blasting the Caddy Shack theme on Periscope, I think we did some good. I can’t lie, we had a blast being idiots, the golfers can attest.


So yea, basically Covered Bridge and Valhalla allowed my best friend and I to be rollicking jack wagons on their expensive real estate. Not getting banned feels like a personal achievement. My wife concurs, she sounded like JR Smith’s daughter, “just happy you weren’t kicked off or banned”. This is the standard at TBG Manor.


Fred Cowgill is the man. He offered to let volunteers take a shot from the 8th hole with his clubs so we could earnestly say “we’ve played Valhalla”. Fred was too kind for me to go tear up the green with his clubs. That line from Christmas Story, “could weave a tapestry of profanity…” is an accurate description of my golf game. It’s why my father in law will never see me on the greens. On the plus side, I discovered I can still slap backboard on a basketball court, so I got that going for me, which is nice.


Earlier this week I asked people on Twitter their favorite guitar solos and I got some amazing offerings, even a couple I wasn’t familiar with. The twitter OG Derp lobbed a Pearl Jam cover of one of my favorite songs, Maggotbrain. So in light of that I am bringing back “Fridays are for George Clinton” and listening to his catalog. You should too, you deserve good things as well. Stop by the liquor store, grab your favorite bottle of corn water, turn on some Parliament, and get funky with it. If you are a fan of good things it doesn’t get much better than some George on a Friday, slightly buzzed making your bold preseason predictions. Here’s mine, Cards are going 11-1, don’t @ me.


And just because, go follow the most positive human being and UofL fan I know, @hammel11. The man loves bourbon, beer, the Cards, and life in general. Truly a great person and friend to know. One last nugget of joy I’ll leave you all with, for a good laugh google image search Chris Klenakis. Great coach, least photogenic being ever. That search has given me a ton of laughs over the years. Now I got a date with George Clinton and @8bitbojackson’s pool, so as always GO CARDS and GO KROGERING.

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