Earlier today UofL Football Commit Henry Famuerwa reacted to Tallahassee Lincoln DB Kendall Randolph’s commitment to the University of Kentucky.  Kentucky’s recent recruiting success has yet to translate to the field, and Henry (clearly a Football Historian) is well-acquainted with the decades long ineptitude on the gridiron for the University of Kentucky and sent out the tweet below:

What followed was a constant stream of extremely distasteful interactions with a 17-year old High School Student from adults.  There were too many of the usual:  “You Mad?”, “Salty”, “Butthurt” and other extremely (un)original Twitter quips.  Henry also had to endure an avalanche of non-generic hate on the social media platform. I attempted to count the mentions, but quickly surrendered that effort in exchange for just sharing the pleasantries 140 characters at a time. Here and there I offer my thoughts BELOW the Tweet.


^ Doesn’t get out much

I can respect Travis, yes UK has not been good for a long time….but he may want to work on some trust issues.

? I don’t know, it’s something about beginning and possibly a collective group of backsides.

You’re (it’s a contraction for You Are) Completely common in the English Language

You tried

No one has EVER Over-rated Kentucky, that is for sure. But nails don’t celebrate their relationship with the hammer.

Mark Stoops joins Abraham Lincoln & Jesus Christ as the two humans who have never told a lie.

Signed William Gay, Johnny Patrick, Anthony Allen, Jeremy Wright, Damian Copeland, Preston Brown, Dominique Brown, Lorenzo Mauldin, Andrew Johnson, Jermaine Reve, Eli Rogers, Charles Gaines, Terrell Floyd, Calvin Pryor, John Miller, Ryan Mack, Deiontrez Mount, Jamon Brown, James Burgess……………


This is funny because when you compare UK Arrests with UofL Arrests……

Have you seen the LadyBirds?

This Lady actually smugly tweeted at me (because I ‘favorited’ her tweet) and tried to educate me on Kendall Rudolph.

^ This guy is a Kentucky, North Carolina, Dallas Cowboy, and LA Lakers fan…..need I say more?

Ah…the little brother quip. This is when I realize that UK fans actually make an attempt to try and desperately prove a blood relationship with someone they really have nothing to do with, are nothing like, and could never aspire to be. If, Louisville WAS actually related to Kentucky in a “Little Brother” fashion it would be UK as the socially-awkward-see-you-once-per-year-should-we-invite-them-next-year? type of family.

Signed Jameis Winston, Heisman Trophy Winner and 2014 National Champion

The ole ‘thug’ word……


Ah yes. The joke that plays on the word Card with the shortened form of ‘Retard’. Not only is this a common expression within the “BBN” to use the word “Tard” when referencing UofL it also evokes a lack of sophistication by the user advocating HATE SPEECH against the physically & mentality handicapped. Alienating and excluding an already helpless group is low form across the board, in any fanbase. Secondly, I doubt Louisville takes the field as the first team in college football history without a Quarterback.


You again?


^get it? Because it snowed and salty is an unoriginal slight on social media…get it..because salty? Topical Humor………..sigh.

This group of tweets certainly qualifies.




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