The Cards finished their week 1-1 on the road after picking up a 79-67 win at Syracuse today. 

They were led by freshman Nyla Harris who had a breakout performance this afternoon when she tallied a career-high 18 points and 6 rebounds. She wasn’t the only one with a career-high stat today. Mykasa Robinson had a career-high 12 assists and tied her career-high of 5 steals. She is the only player in the NCAA this season to have 12 assists and zero turnovers.

The team had 25 assists on 31 made baskets with 65 attempts and outrebounded Syracuse 39-37. Louisville also totaled 14 steals and 6 blocks as a team. Despite an early lead from Syracuse, Louisville was able to come out on top through great defensive efforts through the second half and improved ball movement on the offensive end of the court. 

From watching this game, I think the team and they fanbase learned that they don’t always have to rely solely on Hailey Van Lith for points. Her shot hasn’t been there in the last couple of games and that’s ok. She’ll find it again and all will be right in the world. Until then, we know that we have the likes of Nyla Harris and Chrislyn Carr to land shots, as well as leaders like Mykasa Robinson and Olivia Cochran to create good defensive plays. I’m not pushing the panic button on this team any time soon, and neither should you.

Louisville will return home on February 5th to host North Carolina at noon. Tune into 93.9 The Ville for the YMCA Women’s Post-Game show with myself and Dave Scull immediately following coverage from Nick Curran.

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