Little Miss Muffet sat on her…. Well, you know the rest. Not too long ago Louisville took a visit to Notre Dame and brought home a 32 point victory. As if that wasn’t satisfying enough for all of us, we swept the series at home with a 33 point victory.

Louisville’s defense didn’t allow the Irish to score more than 15 points in three of four quarters while also racking up a total of 6 blocks and 7 steals. This team was nothing if not completely dominate against Notre Dame at home. They showed a significant amount of grit on the court scoring 36 points in the paint and letting you know how they felt about it every chance they got. Dana Evans was once again a shining star. She was 4-9 behind the three point line and two of those were back to back. With a crowd of over 12,000, the Cards continued to wow us during almost every play. Balogun was back in full force scoring 11 points and recording 3 of Louisville’s 6 total blocks. What you really noticed on the court today was a complete team. When your bench scores 33 of your 82 points, you know you have a squad playing for each other. The ball movement and willingness to make big plays are what allow this team to continue making statements not only in the ACC, but across the country. Jeff Walz knows that his team does not depend on one single player, but an entire unit of players. This is why they are successful and will continue to win games going forward. Dana Evans walked away from the day with a total of 18 points and Yacine Diop tallied up 15 but what really needs to be noted is the selflessness of Mykasa Robinson. She only scored six points today but pushed her team to victory with a total of 9 assists and was on the court longer than any other player in this game.

After Notre Dame scored only 9 points in the fourth quarter, Louisville came away with the win, 49-82. The Cards will travel to Georgia Tech this week. That game will take place on Thursday at 6:00 and can be viewed on RSN.

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