It’s here.  Our dog has officially died.  Time to be sad about it.

A few weeks ago on the radio I made the analogy that I would stave off my impending sadness, because we had important games to play with lovable kids to watch – who were giving us their all.  I compared this to losing a loved one (Drew’s dad more specifically.  He made me switch the analogy immediately to his dog).  You know one day they will die, but you don’t cry every day knowing this – you cry at the funeral.  Well, the funeral is here.

A funny thing happened along the way.  Knowing the dog was going to die for so long….I was ready for it.  I am actually enjoying the tournament more than I thought I would.  It is a little less crazy, a little less mad – but still fun.

Here are some observations along the way from your average dummy watching a tourney without a dog in the fight (because, as we mentioned, the dog died);

Our refs don’t suck.  We aren’t playing, so we can drop the stress of how the refs are about to screw us.  I don’t have to endure this misery as when I felt Motrezl was hosed on 2 calls taking him out of a Sweet 16 game he was dominating in 2014 (against a team we will not mention).

Gus Johnson doesn’t call NCAA games.  I love Gus.  This would hurt more with Gus.  Steve Lappas makes me miss nothing.  I am too distracted by missing Gus to care what some of these announcers are stumbling thorough.

Great match ups in a sport that speaks to my soul.  I can just sit back and enjoy.  For a more salty approach – I can watch them fall one by one, and join us in misery as I laugh to the heavens from my chair, drunk, with no shirt on…buried in pizza boxes and broken dreams.  Piccolo tears are coming from all of them but 1.  Let’s zip’em up.

We would have gone to the final four.  Your team is always going to have more successful hypothetical results than real.  See Kentucky off-season football

Butler 2007.  In 2007 I vomited in my mouth as Butler tore us up from the 12 seed slot.  I can rest easy.  This will not happen.  We will not be upset in this year’s tournament.

Our Opponent can’t beat the Spurs.  We don’t have any, so we don’t need to worry about how much better our opponent is being sold to be compared to what they actually are, which would invariably leaving us sweating with fear for days.  See Colorado State 2013.

I like humans. I am interacting with people during games vs. locking myself in the basement accompanied only by curse words bouncing between me and the 4 walls.  People are pretty cool.  I like people.

Sean Miller’s sweaty ass body in a white dress shirt.  I guess this would be funny if we were in the tourney or not, but yeah.

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.  We have been kicking some serious ass for the past 5 years.  The two teams with the most wins over the last 5 years (by end of regular season) are Kentucky and Louisville.  Louisville being held out of the Conference and NCAA could slip them down a bit, but gawd damn that is good.  We were disappointed with missing the Final Four last year – and damn well could have been a final four (or more) in 2014.  This year started with unknowns and being unranked.  Finished with some great wins and a top 15 rank.  I loved this team, and will not forget how hard they fought after getting terrible news.  Thank you guys.

Kevin Keatts.  Love Keatts.  He is a pro.  He is a star.  He is one hell of a guy.  Damn that game with Duke was close.  He made UNCW proud.  Would love to steal him back one day.

We’ll be back.  Looking at our roster tells us not only will we be back, we might be badder (not bitter) than ever.  Sit back and enjoy the show, stress free, Cards fans.  We will be casted again in a major role very soon.

When we return… the refs will suck, the opponent will be Goliath, the 12 seed might upset us and we will all be back in our basements throwing foam bricks against the televisions while our children observe “appropriate tournament behavior for all Kentuckians”.

The madness will return, and everything will be right in the world.

Go Cards.


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