DE Lorenzo Mauldin has overcame many things in his lifetime, each time he’s came back stronger than before. Mauldin had his offer from South Carolina taken away from him and spent his childhood in six different foster homes. Perhaps none of those things could prepare him for what he would face Tuesday Morning. Around 8:50 AM, Maudlin was struck by car as he was traveling south on his moped. Now – released from the hospital a day later, suffering from only ‘real soreness’ – Maudlin feels thankful.

“I feel more lucky than anybody on the earth, to be honest,” Maudlin noted. “Right now I want to thank all the fans that gave me support while I was in the hospital. They gave me encouragement while I was down. I wanna say the fans are basically on the same level as God right now.”

Maudlin categorized his soreness as a ‘6’ on a scale from 1-10. Stating that he felt like he had ‘gone through a practice’, but had specific body parts that hurt worse than others. Maudlin says he’ll deflect all questions towards playing on Sunday towards the trainers.

“I can’t say that I don’t wanna play on Sunday,” Mauldin noted. “It’s up the the trainers to decide if I play, it’s up to the Coaches as well.”

If Lorenzo Mauldin can’t go on Sunday. Junior DT BJ Dubose will go in place of him. Defensive Coordinator Vance Bedford feels confident in that situation as well.

“He’s ready,” Beford explained. “He’s grown up quite a bit this camp. He’s working hard. He can play the 3 technique, he can play Defensive End, he can play the guard. So he’s ready to go. He’s worked real hard. We expect big things from [BJ] Dubose.”

As for Mauldin, he says the victim struck him on Floyd Street as they attempted to pass Maudlin traveling down the street. Once the suspect made contact with Mauldin, he says ‘I don’t remember much’. The vehicle then left the scene leaving a semi-conscious Mauldin on the ground. Despite this, Mauldin feels no hard feelings towards the perpetrator.

“I can’t be upset because I knew it wasn’t on purpose,” Maudlin noted. “Some people get frustrated because of slower drivers. I can’t hold anything against them because I’m not that type of person.”

Maudlin says he feels uplifted more than anything after this incident, but noted that when your ‘life is on the line, things get put into perspective’. As for mopeds, Mauldin says he’s done with them.

“I don’t ever wanna get on anything with two wheels again,” Maudlin explained.

He now plans to invest in a car, despite coming from a rough financial background, Maudlin says that will be easy because he’s saved for it.

While it’s uncertain whether Maudlin will play in Sunday’s opener, I refuse to doubt that he will. Maudlin has spent his life making believers out of those who told them that he wouldn’t become exactly who the person he set out to be.

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