Over the past couple months, one of the major talking points among Cardinal fans has been the play of the offensive line. To put it plain and simple, the line didn’t end the year on a high note. Now with the 2016 season behind us and we look ahead to 2017, is there any hope that things are moving in the right direction? Absolutely.

As we approach National Signing Day on February 1st, Louisville holds the commitments of 3 offensive linemen (including 1 that is already enrolled). It is likely that the Cardinals will add a 4th offensive lineman and a chance they may add even a 5th, Toryque Bateman and Mekhi Becton being the two primary targets. So how does this year’s class compare to previous years? Well, it is by far the best class in the last 8 years and likely will be the highest rated/regarded class Louisville has ever landed. As we look over the data below, keep in mind that some listed have left the program early or never actually made it to campus. This list is designed solely to illustrate the level at which Louisville has recruited offensive linemen.


Note: All rankings courtesy of the 247Sports composite index which is described as follows:

The 247Sports Composite Rating is a proprietary algorithm that compiles prospect “rankings” and “ratings” listed in the public domain by the major media recruiting services. It converts average industry ranks and ratings into a linear composite index capping at 1.0000, which indicates a consensus No. 1 prospect across all services.

Year: Average 247Sports Composite Rating

2017: 0.8722

1. Cole Bentley: 0.8603

2. Caleb Chandler: 0.8842

3. Ronald Rudd: 0.8722

2016: 0.8211

1. Robbie Bell: 0.8422

2. Linwood Foy: 0.800

2015: 0.8296

1. Khalil Hunter: 0.8528

2. Chandler Jones: 0.8478

3. Kenny Thomas: 0.8367

4. Geron Christian: 0.8323

5. Toriano Roundtree: 0.8111

6. Kiola Mahoni: 0.7967

7. Kevin Austin: N/A

2014: 0.8337

1. Lukayus McNeil: 0.8637

2. Danny Burns: 0.8503

3. Kelby Johnson: 0.8307

4. Jimmie Terry: 0.7900

2013: 0.8320

1. Cameron Fraser: 0.8497

2. Skylar Lacy: 0.8463

3. Chandler Bridges: 0.8001

2012: 0.8353

1. Abraham Garcia: 0.8374

2. Sid Anvoots: 0.8372

3. T.C. Klusman: 0.8317

4. Joe Manley: 0.8249

5. Tobijah Hughley: N/A

6. DeAndre Herron: 0.8453

2011: 0.8319

1. Chase Petersen: N/A

2. Jamon Brown: 0.8609 (Rated as a defensive tackle)

3. Aaron Epps: 0.8357

4. Ryan Mack: 0.8334

5. John Miller: 0.8246

6. Mike Romano: 0.8049

2010: 0.7960

1. Chase Petersen: 0.8229

2. Jake Smith: 0.8167

3. Chris Acosta: 0.7889

4. Jamaine Brooks: 0.7556 (Ended up playing DT)


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