Heading into the NCAA Tournament on Thursday Night, there are SEVERAL notable statistical changes that have occurred this season during the 2013-14 season.  For the rest of the season, these updates will not only show the changes like we have shown all year as they have happened, but we will show what each and every player has done to the record book through their season & careers in a running format.


-1856 Career Points, 5th All-Time. Russ Passed LaBradford Smith, Derek Smith, and Milt Wagner during the AAC Tournament.
-748 Season Points, 2nd All-Time 2012-13 Season.
-621 Season Points, 8th All-Time 2013-14 Current Season. Russ’ season went from outside the Top 20 to 8th during the AAC Tournament passing two Darrell Griffith, DeJuan Wheat, & Milt Wagner seasons, Herbert Crook, Reece Gaines, Butch Beard, Larry O’Bannon, Pervis Ellison, Clifford Rozier, Francisco Garcia, & Billy Thompson.
-232 Season Made FGs, 10th All-Time 2012-13 Season.
-1462 Career FG Attempts, 6th All-Time. Russ Passed Chuck Noble, John Turner, and Terrence Williams this weekend.
-560 Season FG, 3rd All-Time 2012-13 Season.
-468 Career Made Free Throws, 2nd All-Time. This weekend Russ passed Charlie Tyra & Reece Gaines.
-222 Season Made Free Throws, 1st All-Time, 2012-13 season.
-611 Career Free Throws Attempts, 4th All-Time. Smith passed Reece Gaines during AAC Tourney.
-276 Season FT Attempts, 1st All-Time, 2012-13 Season.
-178 Career Made 3-Pointers, 9th All-Time.
-159 Season Assist, tied 10th All-Time. Current Season. Entered this weekend passing Phil Bond and LaBradford Smith.
-254 Career Steals, 1st All-Time tied with Peyton Siva.
-87 Season Steals, 2nd All-Time, 2011-12 Season.
-83 Season Steals, 8th All-Time, 2012-13 Season.
-71 Season Steals, 11th All-Time, Current Season. Passed DeJuan Wheat and Peyton Siva seasons this weekend.

-196 NCAA Tournament Career Points, 4th All-Time.
-134 Single NCAA Tournament Points, 1st All-Time.
-22 NCAA Tournament Career Steals, 2nd All-Time.
-15 Single NCAA Tournament Steals, 1st All-Time, 2013 Tournament.


-134 Career Dunks, 3rd All-Time.
-91 Season Dunks, 1st All-Time, Current Season
-43 Season DUnks, 9th All-Time, 2012-13 Season


-68 Season Steals, 13th All-Time, Current Season.

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