Another Monday has arrived and most of us are now at work, struggling through the morning after a weekend that was jam packed with exciting Louisville athletic events. For Louisville Baseball, this Monday marks the start of the 14th annual Omaha Challenge. A tradition of physical and mental tests started by Coach McDonnell his first fall after being hired. Every year there are two captains selected and teams drafted to compete against each other. This year’s captains are Zach Britton, leading the black team, and Ben Bianco, leading the red team. At the conclusion of the Omaha Challenge Coach McDonnell will select team and individual winners.

Black Team: Zac Britton (Captain), Lucas Dunn, Andrew Benefield, Alex Binelas, Tim Borden II, Carter Lohman, Levi Usher, Henry Davis, Jared Poland, Michael Kirian, Tyeler Hawkins, Danny Oriente, Tate Kuehner, Evan Webster, Garret Schmeltz, Jack Perkins, Glenn Albanese, J.R. Langworthy, Justin Lavey, and Kellan Tulio.                                                    

Red Team: Ben Bianco (Captain), Luke Smith, Gavin Sullivan, Bobby Miller, Reid Detmers, Ben Metzinger, Dalton Rushing, Adam Elliot, Luke Brown, Trey Leonard, Michael Prosecky, Chris Seng, Cameron Masterman, Wyatt Stevenson, Ryan Hawks, Kerry Wright, Drew Wiegman, Bobby Whalen, Duncan Hall, Shane Harris, and Blayne Robinson.

14th Annual Omaha Challenge Schedule of Events

Monday (Nov. 18) – Shuttle run at Cardinal Stadium and paintball

Tuesday and Thursday (Nov. 19&21) – Squat test, dodgeball, tug-o-war, and truck push

Friday (Nov. 22) – Tire flip

Saturday (Nov. 23) – Bike race

Monday (Nov. 25) –   100-meter swim with towel hang & 400-meter run

Tuesday (Nov. 26) – Medley

Good luck to both teams!

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Chrissy Banta

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