Senorise Perry and Dominique Brown did nothing but praise Michael Dyer’s work ethic, Running Back Coach Kenny Carter had to ask if a reporter was ‘serious’ when asked about his talent. After ten practices, the Micheal Dyer experiment seems to be going pretty well.

“He’s a guy that’s been a 2,000 yard rusher in arguably one of the best leagues in the Country,” Carter noted. “You can see that, you  can see those flashes when he makes plays. The beauty of it is, he’s got guys that can do those things with him and it’s really pushing him to be better.”

When Michael Dyer entered the program just over two weeks ago there was some question as to how he would be embraced. After all – for those that have been working all Summer – a guy to come in and ‘steal the spotlight’ could be quite frustrating.

That hasn’t happened.

Dominique Brown noted that, along with Senorise Perry, the three will have long meetings following practice to watch film and talk about the offense. By all accounts Dyer has been fully embraced by his teammates, mainly because of the work ethic he’s shown.

“He just wanted to come in work,” Perry explained. “That’s all he wanted to do. We just had open arms and have helped him out. He’s came to work everyday.”

As far as Dyer having to prove himself to his new teammates, they say he’s already done that, noting his impressive accomplishments while at Auburn. His biggest adjustment? Learning the new offense at Louisville. That’s something that the RB core has helped him with.

“He came in as ready as you’d expect for someone who hasn’t played in a year and a half. His conditioning was good, I was very pleased with that. His willingness to learn our system has been pretty good,” Carter said. “He’s been very attentive in meetings. We have player meetings 1-on-1 to make sure he’s catching up. Quite frankly, his teammates that are in the same room with him do a really good job of teaching him.”

With both Senorise Perry and Dominique Brown (both at 100% now) coming off of injuries, they needed little motivation for this season. Perry says he’s gained his from the Syracuse game, Brown through sitting out a whole season watching his team have so much success. Michael Dyer has also added to that dynamic, making the competition within the Running Back core even more intense.

“We added the new addition Michael Dyer, he’s doing a great job with competing. He’s bringing great stuff to the room,” Dominique Brown noted. “He’s gave a lot coming from being a 2,000 yard rusher; we have guys that haven’t rushed for 1,000 yards. He’s been on the National Stage, he’s won a National Championship, that’s where we’re trying to get. It’s very motivating.  He helps us. We’re trying to get where he’s been.”

Michael Dyer certainly won’t be given anything, as recent history with the coaching staff would make you expect. Charlie Strong noted he’s ‘gotta work, he’s at a position with a lot of players there’. Nevertheless, if the steady progression of him learning the offense continues and his ‘flashes’ continue to occur on the practice, it may be difficult to keep him off the field when the season begins.

Additional News & Notes:

-Charlie Strong’s biggest concern seems to be at offensive line: “We have issues at offensive line. We got to find some back-ups there.” Despite this, both Perry and Brown remain confident in the offensive line , adding that they also feel comfortable behind them.

-Strong noted that the team is still in ‘instillation mode’. When asked about what needed to be accomplished, he stated ‘a lot’, particularly finding depth.

-Senorise Perry has been kept out of one of the two-a-day practices. By all accounts, his injury is no longer hampering him. He remarked that he hasn’t thought about it.

-Today was the first scrimmage for the Cards. Strong praised the attitudes of the players.

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