It’s always hard for fans to watch footage of their team’s narrow loss to a conference foe, I get that.  It’s also hard for players.  This was a matchup between two top-five teams, which exacerbates the pain to “kill me now” levels.

However, Coaches always love film because it’s a great teaching tool and as they say in the industry, “film don’t lie.”

Since you are probably not a coach, but want to see some of the highlights from the game but not to the extent of suffering an anger aneurysm, I’m going to group these films in a different way then I usually do.  Each heading will serve as a trigger warning.  If you don’t like the title of the segment, just skip it and watch some of the highlights that may make you feel a little better about the loss.

Group One: Oh my god did you see what Lamar Jackson just did!?!

Group Two: Let’s go D!

Let’s call the opening of this segment the Jaire Alexander subsection.  He put in major work in front of a national audience Saturday and I think he’s gotta be the #2 fan Louisville fan favorite now.

Here are the rest of the defensive highlights broken down by yours truly.

Group Three (trigger warning): WTF, LET’S GO D!

Clemson did a great job game planing to keep Louisville from getting consistent pressure with a lot of wide spread sets and a relentless up-tempo attack.  Sometimes they were able to catch Lousville out of position and other times they just out-muscled the ‘Cards.

Noticing a reoccurring theme above?  If so, let me know in the comment section.

Group Four (Trigger Warning): ARE YOU BLIND REF? #goaccrefs

Group Five: Let’s go O!

I coach wide receivers and defensive backs, so this was my favorite play of the game. Look at Samuels get down field and make a textbook block.

Another player from Lousville that really showed me a lot of value was Jeremy Smith as a receiver out of the backfield.  He was solid all game.

Group Six (Trigger Warning): Don’t watch this. 

I know people are going to talk about the marker.  Others have a valid point that Quick should have known he had to get to the two-yard-line there, especially since they had five plays to get past that spot (ok I’m saying that) and also that Quick should have put his shoulder down and fought to the end to get that first.  All valid, but that was my take and I’m sticking to it.

Lousville lost.  It hurt.  They left some points on the field, got hosed by the zebras frequently, and made some costly blunders.  I agree and I feel your pain.

But this game wasn’t a total wash.  Louisville is still very much alive if they win out.  Yeah I know, conference champs, blahzay blah, but miss me.  The committee is going to do anything it can to put Lamar Jackson on as many television sets as possible.

If Lousville wins out they are the first one loss team to get a playoff spot, regardless who wins the Big-12 or Pac-12, unless one of those champs is undefeated.  I say fat chance there,  no one survives the Pac-12 unscathed, it’s just too chaotic, each of those teams are akin to basketball teams that live by the three-ball and we all know that they are gonna have a cold shooting game and catch an L at some point.  The Big-12 is awful and everyone hates Baylor right now so if they win the week conference with one loss there is no way they get in over media darling Louisville.


I didn’t post all of my video break downs here because I took some editorial liberties in the name of not making the longest blog post in the history of the internet.  So, feel free to follow me on twitter here and check them out on my timeline.




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