Mark Schlabach: Russell Athletic vs. Miami (FL)

Brad Edwards: Russell Athletic vs. Virginia Tech

*Both Schlabach and Edwards had the Cards in this bowl against VT last week.


Jason Kirk: Russell Athletic vs. Miami (FL)

*Same Prediction as last week, but this time Kirk brings up an interesting point about Louisville as an at-large bid:

“Also, as crazy as this might sound, I don’t think we should completely rule out Louisville for the Orange yet. Teddy Bridgewater is still a star, the Cardinals could be 11-1 and back in the top 10, and the bowl is soon to essentially be owned by the ACC. Louisville joins the ACC next year, meaning the ACC’s bowl could pair two 2014 ACC teams. Just saying, keep your eyes peeled.”

College Football News  –not yet updated

CFN: Russell Athletic vs. Virginia Tech


Jerry Palm: Russell Athletic vs. Miami (FL)

*Same Projection as last week

Orlando Sentinel

Brant Parsons & Matt Murschel:  Russell Athletic vs. Clemson

*Same Projection as last week from these two.


Erick Smith:  Russell Athletic vs. Clemson

Bill Bender: Russell Athletic vs. Virginia Tech

Phil Steele

Phil Steele:  Russell Athletic vs. Miami (FL)

Mike Huguenin: Russell Athletic vs. Miami (FL)


Once again the general consensus is that the Cards will play in the Russell Athletic Bowl.  It’s hard to argue at this point.  UCF looks great and the Cards did not move up in the Coaches or Harris Polls (though they did gain ground in some computers).  But there is still a LOT of time left to play with 6 weeks left in the season and conference championships to be decided.

I really do think that Houston provides Louisville’s best shot at gaining a BCS berth. The Cougars really do look like a legitimate football team and can give the UCF Knights a run for their money.  Houston gets a Thursday night (Halloween) match-up at home against USF (who has no chance) and they could be ranked going into their game against UCF with a few extra days to recuperate and prepare.  Houston will need to travel to Orlando to play the Knights, but UCF has this week OFF and should be able to really dig into what UH does with that extra week.

If Houston can beat Central Florida (and USF) they will be RANKED coming into PJCS and the good news is that the Cougars had to play UCF first and then have to travel back to Houston from Orlando, and then BACK to Louisville to play the Cards.  This is a good scenario for Louisville.  Houston just needs to take care of business in Orlando (they also play Cincinnati & SMU after the UofL game).

IF HOUSTON CAN NOT BEAT CENTRAL FLORIDA the odds of Louisville gaining a BCS bid become very slim.  But there still will be a possibility of an at-large bid.  I think Teddy Bridgewater in the Orange Bowl is EXTREMELY attractive with or without Jameis Winston and the Florida State Seminoles.  But if Florida State gets a BCS National Championship bid and Clemson isn’t BCS eligible then I think the Cards could slide into the Orange Bowl.

Louisville really needs to hope for losses to Clemson, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Fresno State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Michigan State, Stanford, Missouri, South Carolina, Auburn, LSU, and Texas A&M.

Losses from the above group greatly increase the probability of an at-large bid.  But there are other teams that also help the Cards out in the poll climb and in the computer rankings. I will detail those later in the week.

BCS Selection Process

The champion of Conference USA, the Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, or the Sun Belt Conference (hereinafter “non-AQ group”) will earn an automatic berth in a BCS bowl game if either:

A. Such team is ranked in the top 12 of the final BCS Standings, or

B. Such team is ranked in the top 16 of the final BCS Standings and its ranking in the final BCS Standings is higher than that of a champion of a conference that has an annual automatic berth in one of the BCS bowls.

No more than one such team from the non-AQ group shall earn an automatic berth in any year, unless non-AQ teams finish both No. 1 and No. 2 in the final BCS Standings. (Note: A second team may be eligible for at-large eligibility as noted below.) If two or more teams from those conferences satisfy the provisions for an automatic berth, then the team with the highest finish in the final BCS Standings will receive the automatic berth, and the remaining team or teams will be considered for at-large selection if it meets the criteria.

BCS Selection Order for 2013-14

1) Orange

2) Sugar

3) Fiesta

My Predictions

American Athletic Conference (AAC)

The AAC is still up for grabs, but Central Florida is in the driver’s seat for the conference title.  There is still a great deal to be decided, as Houston is still unbeaten in conference play and has Louisville, Cincinnati, and UCF remaining on the schedule.  I personally LOVE the Cougars and the type of football they play.  I do think they will beat UCF and a week later travel to PJCS and get handed their only loss of the season.  Such a scenario would put the Cards into the BCS.  But if that DOES NOT happen the Cards have a very slim outside chance of an at-large bid so paying attention to the remaining slate in other conferences becomes very important.

The worst thing working against Louisville right now is the computer rankings.  Having CPU rankings greater than 25 count for nothing.  The difference between 25th & 26th is astronomical, so small climbs to get to that point will have a major impact in bringing the Cards closer to the human ratings in the BCS Final poll.  Still human polls account for 2/3.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 10/31 USF W     BCS 19 11/8 @ Uconn W
  Coaches NR 11/9 @UCF W     Coaches 17 11/16 Houston W
  Harris NR 11/16 @ Louisville L     Harris 16 11/23 Memphis W
Houston A&H 29 11/23 Cincinnati W   Louisville A&H 36 12/5 Cincinnati W
  RB NR 11/29 SMU W     RB 17    
  CM 24         CM 29    
  KM 40         KM 46    
  JS 24         JS 37    
  PW 27         PW 32    


Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 23 11/9 Houston L
  Coaches 22 11/16 Temple W
  Harris 22 11/21 Rutgers W
UCF A&H 27 11/29 South Florida W
  RB 16 12/7 SMU W
  CM 25    
  KM 31    
  JS 21    
  PW 17    



The ACC is mostly decided in the Atlantic Division as Florida State is surely a lock to win the division and the rest of their games remaining on their schedule.  I also expect the Seminoles to win the ACC and remain positioned for a national championship berth should Alabama or Oregon slip up in the final stretch of the season.   Louisville fans WANT FSU to go undefeated.  It helps by eliminating the clutter of the rest of the league and will allow the Cards to rise in the polls.

Clemson should win out and would remain eligible for an at-large bid (and probably get one) either to the Sugar if FSU is in Orange, or Clemson goes to Orange if FSU heads to Pasadena.  If South Carolina beats Clemson (the only real chance of loss I see) then the Tigers head back to Atlanta.

Virginia Tech is my pick to represent the Coastal.  Right now Miami leads the division, but I think a big time collapse is coming and VT will own the tie-breaker over the “U”.  But VT gets destroyed in the ACC Title game.

The other teams listed here have at least one ranking about Louisville, losses by them would help the Cards climb in the BCS.


Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 8 11/2 @ Virginia W     BCS 3 11/2 Miami (FL) W
  Coaches 8 11/14 Georgia Tech W     Coaches 3 11/9 @ Wake Forest W
  Harris 8 11/23 Citadel W     Harris 3 11/16 Syracuse W
Clemson A&H 11 11/30 @ South Carolina W   Florida St A&H 2 11/23 Idaho W
  RB 7 ? 12/7 ACC Champ?     RB 5 11/30 @ Florida W
  CM 11         CM 4 12/7 ACC Champ W
  KM 10         KM 3    
  JS 11         JS 1    
  PW 8         PW 2    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 7 11/2 @ Florida St L     BCS NR 11/2 Pitt L
  Coaches 6 11/9 Virginia Tech L     Coaches NR 11/14 @ Clemson L
  Harris 7 11/16 @ Duke W     Harris NR 11/23 Alabama A&M W
Miami A&H 5 11/23 Virginia W   Georgia Tech A&H NR 11/30 Georgia L
  RB 15 11/29 @ Pitt W     RB NR    
  CM 6 ? 12/7 ACC?     CM NR    
  KM 7         KM 38    
  JS 8         JS NR    
  PW 9         PW NR    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 @ Boston College W     BCS NR 11/9 NC State W
  Coaches NR 11/9 @ Miami (FL) W     Coaches NR 11/16 Miami (FL) L
  Harris NR 11/16 Maryland W     Harris NR 11/23 @ Wake Forest W
Virginia Tech A&H 24 11/30 @ Virginia L   Duke A&H 35 11/30 @ UNC W
  RB NR ?12/7 ACC Champ? L     RB NR ? 12/7 ACC Champ?
  CM 19         CM NR    
  KM 25         KM 37    
  JS 15         JS NR    
  PW 18         PW NR    


The Big 12 is about to get wild.  The Louisville interest will be Baylor and that bodes well (in my opinion) for making sure the Big 12 is a one bid league.  But the Bears have a TOUGH path to undefeated with almost all of the good games in the Big 12 held until November this league is MADE FOR TV!  It’s going to be exciting, and I am picking Baylor to win out, but the probability of that happening is very low considering what they will go through.

Right now I’m picking Baylor, but with a confidence level of about 15%, my next selection would actually be Texas who improves each week and plays the 3 toughest games at the end of their schedule.  I do not believe in Oklahoma and I do think Texas Tech has at least two more losses coming.  Lastly, I really do not like Oklahoma State at all this season.  I think the Cowboys House of Cards takes a tumble starting this week.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 6 11/7 Oklahoma W     BCS 10 11/7 @ Baylor L
  Coaches 5 11/16 Texas Tech W     Coaches 9 11/16 Iowa St W
  Harris 5 11/23 @ Oklahoma St W     Harris 10 11/23 @ Kansas St W
Baylor A&H 10 11/30 @ TCU W   Oklahoma A&H 7 12/7 @ Oklahoma St L
  RB 11 12/7 Texas W     RB 6    
  CM 7         CM 9    
  KM 12         KM 11    
  JS 9         JS 13    
  PW 10         PW 12    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 Kansas W     BCS 15 11/2 Oklahoma St W
  Coaches NR 11/9 @ WVU W     Coaches 15 11/9 Kansas St W
  Harris NR 11/16 Oklahoma St W     Harris 14 11/16 Baylor L
Texas A&H 28 11/28 Texas Tech W   Texas Tech A&H 18 11/28 Texas L
  RB 23 12/7 Baylor L     RB 14    
  CM NR         CM 16    
  KM 26         KM 22    
  JS 27         JS 22    
  PW 29         PW 21    


Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 18 11/2 @ Texas Tech L
  Coaches 12 11/9 Kansas W
  Harris 15 11/16 @ Texas L
Oklahoma St A&H 26 11/23 Baylor L
  RB NR 12/7 Oklahoma W
  CM NR    
  KM 32    
  JS NR    
  PW NR    

Big Ten

It is in Louisville’s best interest to keep the Big 10 a one bid conference.  Currently most projections have Wisconsin gaining a Rose Bowl Bid, setting the Badgers up to go to their 4th consecutive Rose Bowl…….and setting Wisconsin up to LOSE their 4th straight bowl game.  Rather than renaming ‘The Grand-Daddy of them ALL” to “That Game in January Wisconsin Loses Annually”.

This is a league that Ohio St should have no trouble with.  But the Buckeyes are a flawed team and this league isn’t scaring anyone nationally.  Northwestern is 0-4 in league play and had Ohio St against the ropes, so anything can happen at this point.  I have Michigan State, with their outstanding defense, matching up against Ohio St in the BIG Championship game and losing.  If Wisconsin & Michigan do what I think they are going to do the Big 10 is a one-bid league.  We’ll know more after this week.

If the teams listed below do not factor into the conference race it is because they currently own some type of ranking ahead of Louisville. Nebraska does have a chance in the Legends division but I don’t think they will survive the gauntlet they are about to face so I did not list them as they do not have a ranking ahead of UofL.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 Wisconsin W     BCS 21 11//2 @ Michigan St L
  Coaches NR 11/9 @ Purdue W     Coaches 21 11/9 Nebraska L
  Harris NR 11/23 Michigan W     Harris 21 11/16 @ Northwestern W
Iowa A&H NR 11/29 @Nebraska L   Michigan A&H 14 11/23 @ Iowa L
  RB NR         RB 22 11/30 Ohio St L
  CM NR         CM 17 ? 12/7 Big 10 Champ?  
  KM 43         KM 24    
  JS NR         JS 29    
  PW NR         PW 25    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 @ Indiana W     BCS 4 11/2 @ Purdue W
  Coaches NR 11/9 Penn St L     Coaches 4 11/16 @ Illinois W
  Harris NR 11/23 Wisconsin L     Harris 4 11/23 Indiana W
Minnesota A&H NR 11/30 @ Michigan St L   Ohio St A&H 4 11/30 @ Michigan W
  RB NR         RB 3 ?12/7 Big Ten Champ? W
  CM NR         CM 3    
  KM 42         KM 8    
  JS NR         JS 5    
  PW NR         PW 4    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 22 11/2 Michigan W     BCS 24 11/2 @ Iowa L
  Coaches 24 11/16 @ Nebraska L     Coaches 23 11/9 BYU L
  Harris 23 11/23 Northwestern W     Harris 24 11/16 Indiana W
Michigan St A&H 23 11/30 Minnesota W   Wisconsin A&H NR 11/23 @ Minnesota W
  RB NR ?12/7 Big Ten Champ?     RB NR 11/30 Penn State L
  CM 15         CM NR ? 12/7 Big Ten Champ?
  KM 18         KM 44    
  JS 17         JS NR    
  PW 22         PW NR    


BYU & Notre Dame both are in play in the mid-to bottom half of a lot of rankings.  The Cougars have already accepted a big to the Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco to play a PAC-12 opponent.  Notre Dame is most likely headed to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.  Both of these teams own a handful of rankings ahead of Louisville and will face each other in the coming weeks.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/9 @ Wisconsin W     BCS 25 11/2 Navy W
  Coaches NR 11/16 Idaho St W     Coaches 25 11/9 @Pitt W
  Harris NR 11/23 @Notre Dame W     Harris NR 11/23 BYU L
BYU A&H 22 11/30 @ Nevada W   Notre Dame A&H 21 11/30 Stanford L
  RB NR         RB 13    
  CM 20         CM 21    
  KM 30         KM 20    
  JS 12         JS 25    
  PW 26         PW 23    


The MAC Conference is listed here because Northern Illinois presents a huge problem for an at-large bid for the Cards. The Huskies do have two very good games remaining including the MAC Championship and I do think they will drop at least one game.  Ball St & Toledo each have a few rankings each higher than the Cards but their impact is minimal. The main thing here is a Northern Illinois loss.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/6 Cent Michigan W     BCS 17 11/2 @ Umass W
  Coaches NR 11/13 @ N Illinois W     Coaches 20 11/13 Ball State L
  Harris NR 11/29 Miami (OH) W     Harris 20 11/20 @ Toledo W
Ball St A&H NR ? 12/6 MAC Champ? L   Northern Illinois A&H 17 11/26 W. Michigan W
  RB NR         RB 12 ?12/6 MAC Champ?
  CM 27         CM 12    
  KM 45         KM 14    
  JS 33         JS 3    
  PW 30         PW 15    


Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 E. Michigan W
  Coaches NR 11/12 Buffalo L
  Harris NR 11/20 No Illinois L
Toledo A&H NR 11/29 Akron W
  RB NR ?12/6 MAC Champ? -E94L
  CM NR    
  KM 34    
  JS 32    
  PW NR    


Fresno State is another non-AQ that could potentially spoil a remote chance of an at-large bid for UofL.  Personally  I think the Mountain Division champ whether that is Boise, Utah St., or Colorado St will knock off Fresno in the Championship game, but I seriously question the Bulldogs against Wyoming & San Jose St. before that game even happens.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick  
  BCS 16 11/2 Nevada W  
  Coaches 18 11/9 @ Wyoming L  
  Harris 18 11/23 New Mexico W  
Fresno St A&H 13 11/29 San Jose St L  
  RB 25 ?12/7 MWC Champ? *L IF IN THEY LOSE
  CM 14      
  KM 28      
  JS 14      
  PW 11      


Right now it looks like getting the PAC-12 to be a single big league is a long-shot.  Stanford will lose just one more game & is very strong in the computer polls and will not play in the PAC Championship setting up another potential loss.  Everyone will be shocked if Oregon does not win this league, but there are a lot of stern tests upcoming for the Ducks. I do think they will win out and play for the National Championship, but stranger things have (and will continue to) happen in College Football.

In the South Division it is up for grabs.  Arizona State is in the driver’s seat but they are looking down the barrel of some seriously tough games.  In the end I think UCLA grabs the South and Oregon rolls over them on their way to the BCS National Championship, where I expect Oregon to be the 2013-14 National Champions.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 2 11/7 @ Stanford W     BCS NR 11/9 Arizona St W
  Coaches 2 11/16 Utah W     Coaches NR 11/16 @ Oregon L
  Harris 2 11/23 @ Arizona W     Harris NR 11/23 @ Washington St L
Oregon A&H 3 11/29 Oregon St W   Utah A&H NR 11/30 Colorado W
  RB 2 12/7 PAC Champ W     RB NR    
  CM 1         CM NR    
  KM 2         KM 41    
  JS 4         JS NR    
  PW 3         PW NR    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 @ Cal W     BCS NR 10/31 @ Wash St W
  Coaches NR 11/9 UCLA L     Coaches NR 11/9 @ Utah L
  Harris NR 11/16 Wash St L     Harris 25 11/16 Oregon St. L
Arizona A&H 33 11/23 Oregon L   Arizona St A&H 15 11/23 @ UCLA L
  RB NR 11/30 @ Arizona St L     RB NR 11/30 Arizona W
  CM NR ?12/7 Pac Champ ?       CM 22 ? 12/7 PAC Champ?  
  KM 29         KM 17    
  JS 34         JS 30    
  PW NR         PW 28    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/1 USC W     BCS 5 11/7 Oregon L
  Coaches NR 11/16 @ Arizona St W     Coaches 7 11/16 @ USC W
  Harris NR 11/23 Washington L     Harris 6 11/23 Cal W
Oregon St A&H NR 11/29 @ Oregon L   Stanford A&H 6 11/30 Notre Dame W
  RB 24 ?12/7 Pac Champ?     RB 4 ? 12/7 PAC Champ?
  CM NR         CM 5    
  KM 27         KM 4    
  JS 28         JS 6    
  PW NR         PW 6    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 20 11/2 Colorado W     BCS NR 11/1 @ Oregon St L
  Coaches 19 11/9 @ Arizona W     Coaches NR 11/9 @ Cal W
  Harris 19 11/15 Washington W     Harris NR 11/16 Stanford L
UCLA A&H 25 11/23 Arizona St. W   USC A&H 34 11/23 @ Colorado W
  RB 20 11/30 @ USC W     RB NR 11/30 UCLA L
  CM NR ?12/7 Pac Champ? L     CM NR    
  KM 19         KM 35    
  JS 23         JS NR    
  PW 20         PW NR    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 10/31 Arizona St L     BCS NR 11/9 Colorado W
  Coaches NR 11/16 @ Arizona W     Coaches NR 11/15 @ UCLA L
  Harris NR 11/23 Utah W     Harris NR 11/23 @ Oregon St W
Washington St A&H NR 11/29 @ Washington L   Washington A&H 31 11/29 Washington St W
  RB NR         RB NR    
  CM NR         CM NR    
  KM 39         KM 33    
  JS NR         JS 36    
  PW NR         PW NR    


Do you remember when Missouri & Texas A&M joined the league in 2012 and at SEC Media Day all of the press asking the Tigers & Aggies players & Coaches whether or not they thought their programs could COMPETE in the SEC?  The SEC has a right to be pretentious having claimed the last 7 BCS National Champions, but this year the league is wide open.

I think Alabama will win the league and go into the BCS National Championship undefeated and will face South Carolina by virtue of tie-breaker in the title game.  Georgia’s stumbles will prohibit their consideration for an at-large bid and I would be surprised if a 3-loss LSU was considered for the Sugar Bowl. It is quite possible the SEC only gets one bid….but if Bama loses, WATCH OUT.  This will become more clear after 11/9.

Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 1 11/9 LSU W     BCS 11 11/2 @ Arkansas W
  Coaches 1 11/16 @ Miss St W     Coaches 11 11/9 Tennessee W
  Harris 1 11/23 Chattanooga W     Harris 11 11/16 Georgia L
Alabama A&H 1 11/30 @ Auburn W   Auburn A&H 8 11/30 Bama L
  RB 1 12/7 SEC Champ W     RB 18 ?12/7 SEC Champ?
  CM 2         CM 10    
  KM 1         KM 6    
  JS 2         JS 7    
  PW 1         PW 5    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 Florida W     BCS 13 11/9 @ Alabama L
  Coaches NR 11/9 Appalachian St W     Coaches 13 11/23 vs. Texas A&M W
  Harris NR 11/16 @ Auburn W     Harris 12 11/29 Arkansas W
Georgia A&H 19 11/23 Kentucky W   LSU A&H 20 ? 12/7 SEC Champ?
  RB NR 11/30 @Georgia Tech W     RB 10    
  CM 26 ? 12/7 SEC Champ?       CM 23    
  KM 21         KM 15    
  JS 26         JS 20    
  PW 24         PW 16    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/9 Arkansas W     BCS 9 11/2 Tennessee W
  Coaches NR 11/16 Troy W     Coaches 10 11/9 @ Kentucky W
  Harris NR 11/23 Missouri L     Harris 9 11/23 @ Ole Miss W
Mississippi A&H 30 11/28 Miss St W   Missouri A&H 9 11/30 vs. Texas A&M L
  RB NR         RB 9 ?12/7 SEC Champ? L
  CM 28         CM 8    
  KM 16         KM 5    
  JS 19         JS 10    
  PW 19         PW 7    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS 12 11/2 UTEP W     BCS NR 11/2 Georgia L
  Coaches 14 11/9 Miss St W     Coaches NR 11/9 Vanderbilt W
  Harris 13 11/23 @ LSU L     Harris NR 11/16 @ South Carolina L
Texas A&M A&H 16 11/30 @ Missouri W   Florida A&H 32 11/23 Ga Southern W
  RB 19 ? 12/7 SEC Champ?     RB NR 11/30 Florida St L
  CM 13         CM NR ?12/7 SEC Champ?  
  KM 13         KM 23    
  JS 18         JS 31    
  PW 14         PW 31    
Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick   Team     Upcoming Schedule My Pick
  BCS NR 11/2 @ Missouri L     BCS 14 11/2 Miss St W
  Coaches NR 11/9 Auburn L     Coaches 16 11/16 Florida W
  Harris NR 11/23 Vanderbilt W     Harris 17 11/23 vs. Coastal Carolina W
Tennessee A&H NR 11/30 Kentucky W   South Carolina A&H 12 11/30 Clemson L
  RB NR         RB 8 ? 12/7 SEC Champ?  
  CM NR         CM 18    
  KM 36         KM 9    
  JS NR         JS 16    
  PW NR         PW 13    


  BCS Coaches Harris A&H Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Pure_ELO Wolfe
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Oregon Alabama Florida State Alabama
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Florida State Oregon Alabama Oregon Alabama Florida St
3 Florida St Florida State Florida State Oregon Ohio St Ohio St Florida St Northern Illinois Oregon
4 Ohio St Ohio St Ohio State Ohio St Stanford Florida St Stanford Oregon Ohio St
5 Stanford Baylor Baylor Miami (FL) Florida St Stanford Missouri Ohio St Auburn
6 Baylor Miami (FL) Stanford Stanford Oklahoma Miami (FL) Auburn Stanford Stanford
7 Miami (FL) Stanford Miami (FL) Oklahoma Clemson Baylor Miami (FL) Auburn Missouri
8 Clemson Clemson Clemson Auburn South Carolina Missouri Ohio St Miami (FL) Clemson
9 Missouri Oklahoma Missouri Missouri Missouri Oklahoma South Carolina Baylor Miami (FL)
10 Oklahoma Missouri Oklahoma Baylor LSU Auburn Clemson Missouri Baylor
11 Auburn Auburn Auburn Clemson Baylor Clemson Oklahoma Clemson Fresno St
12 Texas A&M Oklahoma St LSU South Carolina Northern Illinois Northern Illinois Baylor BYU Oklahoma
13 LSU LSU Texas A&M Fresno St Notre Dame Texas A&M Texas A&M Oklahoma South Carolina
14 South Carolina Texas A&M Texas Tech Michigan Texas Tech Fresno St Northern Illinois Fresno St Texas A&M
15 Texas Tech Texas Tech Oklahoma St Arizona St Miami (FL) Michigan St LSU Virginia Tech Northern Illinois
16 Fresno St South Carolina Louisville Texas A&M UCF Texas Tech Mississippi South Carolina LSU
17 Northern Illinois Louisville South Carolina Northern Illinois Louisville Michigan Arizona St Michigan St UCF
18 Oklahoma St Fresno State Fresno State Texas Tech Auburn South Carolina Michigan St Texas A&M Virginia Tech
19 Louisville UCLA UCLA Georgia Texas A&M Virginia Tech UCLA Mississippi Mississippi
20 UCLA Northern Illinois Northern Illinois LSU UCLA BYU Notre Dame LSU UCLA
21 Michigan Michigan Michigan Notre Dame Brigham Young Notre Dame Georgia UCF Texas Tech
22 Michigan St UCF UCF BYU Michigan Arizona St Texas Tech Texas Tech Michigan St
23 UCF Wisconsin Michigan St Michigan St Texas LSU Florida UCLA Notre Dame
24 Wisconsin Michigan St. Wisconsin Virginia Tech Oregon St Houston Michgan Houston Georgia
25 Notre Dame Notre Dame Arizona St UCLA Fresno St UCF Virginia Tech Notre Dame Michigan
26 Oklahoma St Georgia Texas Georgia BYU
27 UCF Ball St Oregon St Texas Houston
28 Texas Mississippi Fresno St Oregon St Arizona St.
29 Houston Louisville Arizona Michigan Texas
30 Mississippi BYU Arizona State Ball St
31 Washington UCF Florida Florida
32 Florida Oklahoma St Toledo Louisville
33 Arizona Washington Ball St
34 USC Toledo Arizona
35 Duke USC Tulane
36 Louisville Tennessee Washington
37 Duke Louisville
38 Georgia Tech
39 Washington St
40 Houston
41 Utah
42 Minnesota
43 Iowa
44 Wisconsin
45 Ball St
46 Louisville


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