Thursday Night:

Houston @ South Florida:  Strange things happen on Halloween.  But not this strange.  The Cards need Houston to win Thursday to keep a hope of a BCS bid alive.

Washington St vs. Arizona St: The more attrition that happens the better in the PAC-12.  Go Cougars.

Friday Night: 

USC @ Oregon State: A Trojan win isn’t likely, but it is doable in Corvallis.  Again attrition in the PAC-12 please.


#3 Florida State vs. #7 Miami:  Either way, Louisville wants the winner of this game to run the table.  But I don’t think Miami can reasonably do that and I think Florida State will put up a big margin on Saturday vs. the U.  Need another loss or two for the loser after this game.  Miami can probably provide that.  FSU won’t.

UMASS vs. #17 Northern Illinois: The Minuteman have no shot of pulling this off.  But I’ll be wearing my Paul Revere costume anyway. Cards need an NIU loss in a bad way.

Nevada @ #16 Fresno St. :  Fresno State is going to lose it might as well be this weekend.  But I don’t

Tennessee @ #9 Missouri: Cards fans understand how it feels to lose a game like the Tigers did last week.  And Cards fans also understand the hangover.  Mizzou can’t slip again without risking giving up the driver’s seat in the SEC East and Tennessee has run with a lot of big-time teams this year. Watch out for this one, Go Vols.

#21 Michigan @ #22 Michigan State:  Someone has to lose.  And typically I would be all about the Spartans, BUT Michigan has a lot of losses in their future.  Michigan State looks like they may be able to go the distance until a Big 10 Championship.  Go Blue.

#18 Oklahoma State vs. #14 Texas Tech: In reality the winner/loser of this game doesn’t really matter for the Cards.  Texas Tech wins this game as I believe they are the stronger team.  Oklahoma State is a team I don’t believe in at all and I feel is very over-rated and has future losses coming.  Texas Tech is much better and could fight their way into the Top 10.  Card fans want the Cowboys here, but I don’t think they will get it.

Iowa vs. #24 Wisconsin:  The Badgers were a popular Orange Bowl pick this week in bowl projections.  The idea of FSU blowing out Wisconsin for their 4th consecutive BCS doesn’t sound fun. So the Hawkeyes owe it to the nation to prevent this disaster.

Mississippi State @ #14 South Carolina:  There isn’t a scenario where I could feel confident with picking the Bulldogs to win, BUT, maybe the Gamecocks are somewhat hungover following their big win in overtime over Missouri last week.

Virginia vs. #8 Clemson: A 2nd loss for Clemson might eliminate them from an at-large berth and shake some things up.  The Tigers will avoid a good match-up in the ACC title game but does play South Carolina later.  The Cavs are better than their 2-6 record, but they have no executed when needed this year and I can’t see that changing against Clemson.

Arkansas vs. #11 Auburn:  Auburn is obnoxiously over-rated at 11, but they’ve done their part to get there after a dismal 2012.  Arkansas isn’t the team to take them down, but I don’t see Auburn as overly strong that upsets can’t happen.  It just won’t on Saturday.

Indiana vs. Minnesota: Indiana has a shot here.  Minnesota is riding high after beating Nebraska for the 1st time since the 60s and now must travel to Bloomington to face a defensive-challenged Hoosier team.  But IU can score.  Minnesota holds a few advantages in computer polls over UofL.

Navy @ #25 Notre Dame: The Irish have a few advantages in CPUs and the media just can’t wait to mention them as an emerging at-large bid.  Let’s have a Notre Dame-free November.

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech:  At this point any team from conference with a potential 2nd bid (except for the champion bid) is public enemy #1 for Card fans.  Focus on the phrase… want all major conferences to get one bid.  Virginia Tech is not a threat at this time, but a loss here ends that idea altogether.

Northwestern vs. Nebraska: Nebraska is not a real threat, BUT there is no sense in letting a 2-loss Big Ten team hang around.  End the Cornhuskers this week.

Cal vs. Arizona: The Bears beating the Wildcats would help in some of the CPU ratings, but not much and Cal really doesn’t stand a chance here.

Florida vs. Georgia: Both of these teams hold some computer rankings over the Cards, but Florida has more of a chance of losing future games than Georgia does.  So go Gators.

Kansas @ Texas:  Texas has been playing well the last few weeks and the computers have a few advantages over the Cards.  Things get tough after this for the Longhorns, Kansas doesn’t have a shot but we’ll get behind the Jayhawks anyway.

Pitt @ Georgia Tech:  It doesn’t mean too much, but GT has an advantage in the Massey ratings over the Cards.

#4 Ohio St. vs. Purdue:  No one has to enjoy it, but the Cards need no surprises out of the Big Ten and need Ohio State to run the table in the Big 10.  Plus it will be fun to point & laugh at two years of undefeated in the Urban Meyer without a sniff of the championship.


  BCS Coaches Harris A&H Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Pure_ELO Wolfe
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Alabama Oregon Alabama Florida State Alabama
2 Oregon Oregon Oregon Florida State Oregon Alabama Oregon Alabama Florida St
3 Florida St Florida State Florida State Oregon Ohio St Ohio St Florida St Northern Illinois Oregon
4 Ohio St Ohio St Ohio State Ohio St Stanford Florida St Stanford Oregon Ohio St
5 Stanford Baylor Baylor Miami (FL) Florida St Stanford Missouri Ohio St Auburn
6 Baylor Miami (FL) Stanford Stanford Oklahoma Miami (FL) Auburn Stanford Stanford
7 Miami (FL) Stanford Miami (FL) Oklahoma Clemson Baylor Miami (FL) Auburn Missouri
8 Clemson Clemson Clemson Auburn South Carolina Missouri Ohio St Miami (FL) Clemson
9 Missouri Oklahoma Missouri Missouri Missouri Oklahoma South Carolina Baylor Miami (FL)
10 Oklahoma Missouri Oklahoma Baylor LSU Auburn Clemson Missouri Baylor
11 Auburn Auburn Auburn Clemson Baylor Clemson Oklahoma Clemson Fresno St
12 Texas A&M Oklahoma St LSU South Carolina Northern Illinois Northern Illinois Baylor BYU Oklahoma
13 LSU LSU Texas A&M Fresno St Notre Dame Texas A&M Texas A&M Oklahoma South Carolina
14 South Carolina Texas A&M Texas Tech Michigan Texas Tech Fresno St Northern Illinois Fresno St Texas A&M
15 Texas Tech Texas Tech Oklahoma St Arizona St Miami (FL) Michigan St LSU Virginia Tech Northern Illinois
16 Fresno St South Carolina Louisville Texas A&M UCF Texas Tech Mississippi South Carolina LSU
17 Northern Illinois Louisville South Carolina Northern Illinois Louisville Michigan Arizona St Michigan St UCF
18 Oklahoma St Fresno State Fresno State Texas Tech Auburn South Carolina Michigan St Texas A&M Virginia Tech
19 Louisville UCLA UCLA Georgia Texas A&M Virginia Tech UCLA Mississippi Mississippi
20 UCLA Northern Illinois Northern Illinois LSU UCLA BYU Notre Dame LSU UCLA
21 Michigan Michigan Michigan Notre Dame Brigham Young Notre Dame Georgia UCF Texas Tech
22 Michigan St UCF UCF BYU Michigan Arizona St Texas Tech Texas Tech Michigan St
23 UCF Wisconsin Michigan St Michigan St Texas LSU Florida UCLA Notre Dame
24 Wisconsin Michigan St. Wisconsin Virginia Tech Oregon St Houston Michgan Houston Georgia
25 Notre Dame Notre Dame Arizona St UCLA Fresno St UCF Virginia Tech Notre Dame Michigan
26 Oklahoma St Georgia Texas Georgia BYU
27 UCF Ball St Oregon St Texas Houston
28 Texas Mississippi Fresno St Oregon St Arizona St.
29 Houston Louisville Arizona Michigan Texas
30 Mississippi BYU Arizona State Ball St
31 Washington UCF Florida Florida
32 Florida Oklahoma St Toledo Louisville
33 Arizona Washington Ball St
34 USC Toledo Arizona
35 Duke USC Tulane
36 Louisville Tennessee Washington
37 Duke Louisville
38 Georgia Tech
39 Washington St
40 Houston
41 Utah
42 Minnesota
43 Iowa
44 Wisconsin
45 Ball St
46 Louisville


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