What’s up everybody? Thank you for smashing that link. No matter if you are a friend from twitter, or a Crunch Zone regular who was curious, thank you. Now let’s get some jokes off. For those not familiar from Twitter, I suppose I should explain how we arrived here. Well, hmm. If we are being honest, I think my account can best be described as “Tweeting from the cheap seats”. I’m a UofL alum and fan. I love music, good food, bourbon, the occasional beers, and whatever else comes my way bringing a laugh or a smile. I’m going to share those things with you. I love the Cards, but I love a lot of other stuff too, so I’m positive my posts will at some point be received with a “STICK TO SPORTS”. Won’t happen, not sorry, not what was asked of me. So just to be clear, my posts will be different from other contributors. Each member of CZ does their thing and anyone else on staff that thinks they can do someone else’s needs to simmer down and stay in their lane as we all bring something unique to the block.

Elephant in the room. I tell people on Twitter I avoid rival talk until game week because the rivalry has become stale and there’s no back and forth between sports, but then they tossed a grapefruit on my timeline. These fools really placed a statue commemorating a fictitious-self-appointed-championship. Yo, I promise you all that’s the best laugh I’ve had since the attorney sleeping in a trash can photo surfaced. Earnestly belly aching while waiting for my oil to be changed. So in the spirit of uk’s (I told a friend years ago uk isn’t getting capitalized until they make a bowl game) statue I think UofL should build one to honor amazing moments for our program. I think we should build a sixty nine (nice) foot tall statue of Tom Jurich riding Pegasus that time he killed a dragon. Tom Jurich once killed a bear with his bare hands and a lot of grit. I have no factual evidence of this, but sometimes you gotta go with your gut.

Anyway, the title is What’s Good so that’s what it’s going to be. I use Twitter to argue, rival, and get people worked up when I’m bored. This is not that. This is What’s Good. If you want to bicker or argue with me, @ me playboy, @thatboysgood. Please bring a hard hat though, that’s for your safety,  just saying. If you want to read jokes, bbq recipes, get tailgate playlists, hear about local food spots, and obviously catch comments about the team, you’ll like this. Maybe. Congrats to Dave Lackford, @res4six, for coming on board this week. Dude knows his stuff and has a green light at my house anytime. I mean he’s from Philly so his bourbon tolerance is suspect but he’s good people. I guess that sums it up, gonna drink some bourbon and listen to Collegrove before heading over to practice to watch guys in half pads because it’s August and your boy needs any form of football in his life. Go Cards and go Krogering.

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