is going away.  It was a fun 2 years, but time to kick the cats out.

It’s all Cards, and we are excited for the official launch date of TheCrunchZone.Com tomorrow.

Is TCZ the ONLY blog you should follow?  Hell no, we enjoy great relationships with many others, and can speak to energy level and effort they all bring to the table.  We just hope you will add us to your rotation of Cardinal Daily Fix.

There are a few reasons why we think you’ll like adding TCZ to your rotation, and here they are:


  • Technology:  Professional grade photography & video.  We have DSLR Camera’s, Hand held HD Video, GorPro Cam (new), and various content delivery technology at our disposal.


  • Weekly Podcast:  Have you checked out the Weekly “The Crunch Zone” podcast produced by  We will give updates, opinions, have contests (yes, prizes), and have interviews from people close to the program.  Current Interviews so far include:  Former National Championship Assistant Coach Jerry Jones, and WHAS11’s Adam Lefkoe.  Paul Rogers, Denny Crum, and more lined up.  Check out this weeks Podcast Here!


  • Huge Staff:  We will have up to 8 contributors with a wide range of viewpoints.  Some older, some younger.  Some on campus, some in the press room, and some from a far.  Some with college experience in playing sports, coaching sports, writing about sports, sports photography, and more.  See the staff here!


  • Content Innovation:  We try to bring some “firsts” to the game.  @CrumsRevenge is always changing the game in what he does in video making, @UofLSheriff50 Previews will expand to include post game VIDEO reviews with commentary, posting photos from the field and court in real-time (when possible), and more.  We are having fun trying new things, and we hope that it is fun for you to get it.  We are tech obsessed, and trying to figure out more ways to use it to the fans advantage.  Check out:  “Championship Tribute: Past, Present, Future” Here!


  • Tickets Section:  We will have one area specifically for folks trying to buy/sell/trade tickets.  If you are trying to unload your tickets, let us know.  It’s free!  We are happy to help out all cards fans get what they need.  Send us an email to ULCrunchZone@Gmail.Com and we will post to our website.  Details of what info we need can be found in tickets section.


  • Mobile Friendly:  Tablet and phone enabled content.


Again, we are not your only stop for Cardinal Sports, but we hope we can earn a spot in your daily rotation.  Looking forward to Launch tomorrow, and hope you enjoy the feature video: “Year of the Cardinal”.


Go Cards.

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Former D1 Player and Coach. Life long fan of the Cardinals. CR makes movies, takes photos, co-host of "The Crunch Zone" Podcast, and can be heard on ESPN680 Wednesday 7-8:30am. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine (CrumsRevenge).

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