What Is TVT?

Per minute production. Add up all the good things (rebounds, steals, blocks, etc.) subtract the bad stats (missed shots, TO’s) and divide by minutes played. It gets you a per minute impact rating of how much the contribute to the team when they step on the court.


Real Time RPI Facts
Louisville RPI = 32
RPI SOS = 115
Record vs. RPI top 50 = 1-2
Record vs. Top 100 = 2-2

Yeah – Memphis is a really important game for us.



Rutgers was a weird game.  We won, it was long, we looked great at times, and we looked awful at times.  We are still trying to find a team flow.  Haven’t seen it much this year.

Good: Made 89.1% of our 46 free throws. The game lasted over 2.5 hours.

Bad: We were annihilated on the boards. RU crushed LOU on offensive glass 17-10, we miss Behanan.

Bad: We had 17 turnovers – HOLY CRAP. Normally not an eye-popping number, but consider turnovers in past 5 games prior were UCF (11), UK (12), FIU (9), Mo-ST (11), LA-LAF (8)

Bad: Assists, we had , um…7.  Compare that to UCF game where we had 28. “Team flow”, we don’t have one yet.  It seems to be a coin toss each night on whether we are dishing the rock or not.


TVT vs. Rutgers 

Ranked Highest to lowest TVT.



TVT Season Rank

Behanan was charging towards Harrell for top spot, but, yeah.  Smith looks to be the only challenger at this point.

TVT Season


TVT vs. Top 50

Memphis is another game vs RPI top 50.  Cards are needing this victory.  Here is how the Cards fared vs the only top 50 RPI teams we faced this year.  No shocker in our top 3,  only 5 players over .40, and that is troubling.



Go Cards – Beat Memphis.





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