First, let me say this; whoever Tom picks, is my guy.

No other program pulled off Year of the Cardinal.  Tom knows what he is doing.

“But Tom hired Krag!”

Yeah, 1 hire out of dozens, I like those odds.  By the way – Krag was a talented and respected Coordinator & eventually a Head Coach, you just never know if that will translate into Head Coach at the Highest Level.  It’s a different bear.

Second, I know some are against Bobby.  It is most definitely a polarizing pick.  It’s ok if you disagree with me, we can still be friends.  We like the same team, so that means YOU are the best type of person.

I am just a fan like anyone else.  Which means…I claim to know more than I do.  I have sources, I am better at play calling, I know who we should recruit.  I have just yet to be discovered for the multi-million dollar job, but I am so ready.  I am right here folks.  Just hire me already.

So we wait for Tom’s decision. Rumors, reports, lies and more flying in all directions.  One of Tom’s successful traits is “close to the vest”.  Therefore, if you are hearing anything on this coaching search that is true – it’s because he wanted you to hear it.  Therefore, if he has something big going on – it will catch us all by surprise.  Negotiations are compromised when people get leverage.  Tom isn’t going to give it to them.  It’s because he is the best.

So – who do I want (because you didn’t ask)?  I want the guy who burned us after we gave him his first head coaching job.  Charlie Strong.  Wait, we can’t have him.  I meant the other one we gave the first Head Coaching job to – Bobby Petrino.

Why?  Let me list a few reasons.

  1. He kicks the crap out of teams.
  2. I loved watching his offense, and trying to figure out how he flipped defenses on their backs.
  3. He is enjoying his time with his grandchildren.  More on that later.
  4. His arrogance has been replaced with humility.  He is coaching WKU with pride.
  5. Florida State – more on that later.

Now for the knocks

  1. But Bobby burned us!  Yes, as a first time head coach – he was swallowed up in his success.  Flirting with others, he ultimately left Louisville for the NFL in a deal that almost doubled his annual salary – which had been recently (and generously) upped by TJ.  I remember where I was when I heard the news, that is how much it hurt me.  We can’t really hire coaches to love Louisville, only to coach our program, so I like that idea of hiring a proven successful coach.  Nobody was burned more than Tom, so if he ultimately is ok with Bobby – I am ok with Bobby.
  2. He is a PR nightmare!  I can see that, but honestly, I see it more coming from UK fans than anyone else.  I could give two craps what they think.  I gave them hell last year about maybe hiring Bobby.  Why?  It had nothing to do with the motorcycle.  I was scared to death he would coach there, and kick the living crap out of us.  Bobby is no joke.  He wants to not only win, but take your soul with him.  Again, if Tom can handle it.  I can handle it.  I am just a guy that likes watching Louisville Sports – it isn’t my career. It’s been about two years since the Arkansas motorcycle incident, and when I watched the WKU vs. UK game – I was excited to see him coaching.  TV didn’t make that big of a deal of it.  UK fans will, they scared.
  3. He doesn’t like recruiting.  Recruiting is usually all about your assistants.  Although Charlie Strong left Coach Hurtt behind – I have a feeling that Tom will support his staying with the program.  Tom doesn’t want to take income away from his family. Coach Hurtt has been nothing but a hard-working respectable coach while at UofL, and Bobby would love those Florida recruiting ties.  He did land Peanut out of Alabama, so yeah – he wasn’t all that bad, right?

Why Bobby Now?

Year 1 in the ACC is a big deal.  We have talent, we can’t whiff.  Recruits see us as a winning program, but the ACC will be lot tougher than the AAC.  What I fear is hiring an “up and coming”, and perhaps they don’t work out.  We finish 6th or worse, and when we walk into living rooms – we are “that team that finished in the middle of the pack”. Then FSU & Clemson show up and they are “the contenders for the ACC and national title”.  Bobby can coach, we have talent, he makes us a contender – it would be awesome to walk into the ACC kicking ass.

The Grandchildren. I heard an interview about how Bobby is always seen with his grandchildren.  I know his past, but it has been a long time since we gave him his first coaching gig.  I think he has learned some lessons (as have other coaches), and I really believe we might have found someone who has seen that life with Tom, in a conference that matters, is a good thing.  His family likes Kentucky (like Rick’s), so he can keep on loving those grandchildren – when he is not annihilating opponents in the Oven.  He could be here for 10 years folks.  For real.

What about Morris?  We can do this again.  The model has worked pretty well.  Hire the up and coming coordinator, they are successful – they move on.  Morris will be in Texas, folks.  He has already interviewed for head coaching gigs in Texas, he has spent many years in Texas, and he will go back.  Louisville is not his home. I think the same could be said for many coordinators we are looking at.  Again, whoever Tom picks – is my guy too.

Talent.  My god we have talent.  I want a coach that can walk in and maximize it right away.  I saw an early ESPN top 25, and we aren’t in it.  That is a joke.  Charlie was awesome, but we have a lot of talent, and should be ranked.  Bobby is your coach – the nation looks at you different.  Opponents fear you.  The national Champion Florida State marches into the Oven next year, and the coach I keep falling back on when I think “who can beat these guys” is Bobby Petrino.  By the away – his offense is why we named it the Oven.

His former players are in full support as Jonathon Lintner writes.

Who will be our next coach?

I have no earthly idea, but I think this Bobby thing could work out real nice for Louisville Football.

Go Cards.


**Side note:  I know Tom would let the new coach make their own decision on assistants, but I love our assistants and hope that many if not all could remain.  We have been very lucky in our past 4 years with staff continuity and recruiting.  We are an attractive job.






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