Right now if you asked me who the top contender for the Louisville Football is, I would have to say:  Bobby Petrino.  I could easily be persuaded to thinking that Pat Narduzzi is the choice.  But one thing is clear:  We are getting extremely close to an announcement.  For me, these would be the top two coaches in play at the present moment.

I’ve heard that Shawn Watson is no longer considered a candidate which also affects the return of Louisville’s Offensive Line Coach Dave Borbely.  Kenny Carter is taking a run at the UMASS job.    Vance Bedford could potentially still be a strong candidate, but I would think that Bedford will go to Texas as the Longhorn DC.

There are still some embers burning for Chad Morris & Rich Rodriguez but I do believe it is a matter of time before those are extinguished.

If we hear anything credible that we feel like we can share with you, we will be sure to let you know.

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