What Is TVT?

Per minute production. Add up all the good things (rebounds, steals, blocks, etc.) subtract the bad stats (missed shots, TO’s) and divide by minutes played. It gets you a per minute impact rating of how much the contribute to the team when they step on the court.


Real Time RPI Facts
Louisville RPI = 37
RPI SOS = 90
Record vs. RPI top 50 = 2-2
Record vs. Top 100 = 4-3

Next Up:  1/16 Houston (RPI 190),  1/18 @UCONN (RPI 26)



Luke stole the show, but Smith and Harrell were more productive.  Smith was 23p, 7a, 4s, 5r – WOW. Harrell’s double double (12,13) will be needed most nights against tough teams to survive without Chane.  It was largely a 3 man show (Russ, Trez Luke).  Rozier/Blackshear contributed well for their minutes, we just couldn’t keep Blackshear on the floor.

Good: Style of play.  I like going small early.  The more fouls we can draw on their big men early in the game will help offset their bigs dominating late game play.  Louisville got quite a few in trouble early.

Bad: Rebounding. Offensive rebounding, um, or lack thereof.  SMU beat the Cards 20-6.  This is why we are going for a “better offensive team”, because we can’t collect our misses as well with Chane out.  While LOU held their own pretty well against Memphis, I that that will be the exception, and not the rule – because FIU killed us on O-Rebs as well 17-10.  Cards lost total rebounds as well 48-29, so again, we hope to shoot our way through this issue, and hopefully get takeaways on the defensive end.

Neutral:  15 turnovers is high by season standards, had 17 against Memphis – it’s the new reality. We are going smaller to put better scorers on the floor, which means more pace/risks = more TO’s.

Neutral:  Assists.  Louisville managed 12 in back to back games should be the average – which is a lot better than the 7 we had at Rutgers.

New Reality:  If Cards go with “best offensive lineup” – we go small.  Hopefully better scoring, and create some TO’s, and draw some fouls on their bigs early to help offset their advantage inside in the second half.  As he have learned in the past few games, team rebounding is out the window without Chane at the moment, so we can’t use O-rebounds for offense, and D-Rebounds to kill a possession.  Get more shots, make more baskets.



Players ranked in order of highest productivity to lowest.  The far right yellow column is their productivity score (TVT).

TVT Season Rank

Trending up:  Luke’s production on a roll in 5 of last 6 games.  He’s back. See below

Trending down:  SVT & Mathing were doing great until UK, and then…..um, see below.




TVT vs. Top 50

Louisville has now played 4 teams in the RPI top 50.  They are 2 (Southern Miss, Southern Methodist) and 2 (UK, Memphis) against them.  Here are team rankings for those 4 games.  The “Big Game Score” if you will.





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