Bobby Petrino

  • Offensive line.  A few seniors that will be good to build on, but need more depth.
  • Bobby will announce more staff once HR clears them. They’ll recruit Thursday and then this weekend.
  • Bobby – “Garrick McGee is someone I have hired always I had the chance, when I am away from the office, I know he continues to work hard. We think a lot alike. He knows how I like to coach QB”.
  • I am not oblivious to stars on the recruiting trail, but you must evaluate each guy for who is best to carry our your style of play.

Garrick McGee

  • I am so happy and blessed to be back with coach. He has offered many chances to me to grow and develop.
  • I asked him “Is there a chance to win a title, if so I am interested”, and Bobby said “this is the one”. I didn’t even know the school yet when I asked.
  • I played for coach, and coached with him as well. There is only one way to do it, and you coach them hard. They must become experts at their position. A lot of studying for each position.
  • Coach and put high pressure in meeting rooms and when training, so when the pressure shows up in a game, it is second nature.
  • McGee sees talent at QB, and met with them this weekend to get to know them.
  • I have been impressed so far.  They are students of the game, they come in, open their notebooks t take notes.  They are a tight group.  Now we need to watch them to see who becomes the leader, instead fo forcing someone into that role.
  • McGee “Coordinator means make sure everyone is on the same page.  I lay the table, but Petrino is the best play caller in college football.  I take responsibility for it if I don’t lay out a plan that we can win with.
  • Both of our dads were coaches, and that is one reason why we have been close over the years.  Petrino is always thinking about what a defense will do next, and then tries to change that before they adjust.
  • New system will be running mostly a 1-back offense. They have five RBs on the roster, which is plenty.
  • Didn’t answer the contract question, only to say that I am here with him, and I am going to do really well.  We are at a point in our relationship where its not like that.  I am here with him as long as he is, and he will be here awhile
  • Very good seniors next year, but we need to have a couple good recruiting classes.
  • Teddy is ready, but yeah I would love to be able to sell him on coming back.
  • People get a lot of feedback on the game plan, and when it is set – Bobby makes the calls.
  • Louisville is now a big time football program, and we will recruit and run the program that way.
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