Louisville lost their 2nd game in a row and are 1-2 following its self-imposed post-season ban.  After Saturday’s loss to Notre Dame in South Bend senior & 5th Year Transfer expressed frustration:

Trey Lewis: “It’s tough as a player, to play sometimes under a leash. That’s tough. When you are constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if you are getting taken out. That’s tough as a player, but you have to find a way to mentally get over those things.”  

Question from Jeff Greer Courier-Journal:  “Is that a new concern of yours, wondering if you are going to get taken out”

Trey Lewis: Maybe the last few games, but it’s tough when you are playing with shackles it seems like. 

Lewis played 25 minutes in Saturday’s loss and scored 11 points on 4-9 shooting.  Trey did net just 3 points in the 2nd half but played 13 minutes.

It stands to reason that Trey Lewis isn’t just unhappy with his time on the floor, but the fact that just 6 games remain in the season as a result of the post-season ban.  Lewis transferred from Penn State to Cleveland State and then Louisville for his final season as a graduate transfer and never appeared in the NCAA Tournament.

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