MIKE BREY: You know, give — I thought Louisville was really good, and just kind of wore us down physically. We didn’t have much left in the tank. But I thought, again, Louisville, especially on the offensive board, really hurt us, like they did in Louisville 10 days ago.

Q. Mike, what can you take — I know you had a lot of adversity and a lot of injuries, but what positives can you take from this year?
MIKE BREY: Well, I do feel good about how our young guys played yesterday, for us to come down here and to win a game in the tournament after a really tough regular season. You know, and our young guys got to play a lot. We played them. We didn’t get the best of results wins-wise, but they got experience. They got minutes. But we certainly need to get healthy, and we need to get a lot stronger. You know, it’s a great strength training summer for us.

Q. It just seemed like their length bothered you —

Q. Did it bother your shooting, as well?
MIKE BREY: It did. You can talk about you’re not shooting well, you didn’t make shots. That’s Louisville. They really do guard you. It was different than — Georgia Tech played us zone so you could move a little freer and you got looks. The looks we got, there was somebody athletically closing out all the time. And that’s how they play. Chris has done a fabulous job, and they really have physicality. I mean, they have got bodies that can get out to you.

You know, what you think is a good shot, I’m not sure we had as many good shots as we thought.

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