UofL is officially halfway through the 2015 college football season so the logical thing to talk about at this point is… next year’s depth chart? At this point you are probably wondering if this is an attempt to just fold on the season given UofL is 2-4. In no way is this an effort to do so, in fact, it is just the opposite. It is important to realize just how young this Louisville team is. With every passing game they will grow as individuals and as a unit. What this depth chart shows is a glimpse into the future. It also gives some valuable insight into this season. It is easy to view this Louisville team as 2-4 with 12 turnovers but it’s important to observe the positives, most notably the young talent. Despite several seniors who have made significant contributions, headlined by the likes of Rankins, Burgess, and Vatuvei, there have been a plethora of young players asked to play major minutes. While this has resulted in bumps in the road during the first half of the season, it will be exciting to see how this team evolves as we enter the second half and beyond. Moving forward the key takeaway of this depth chart is fairly simple: The best is yet to come.

A couple of quick notes before reading this depth chart:

  • Do not get hung up on who is ahead of who. There will undoubtedly be some shuffling as players emerge. This merely shows the team in a more generalized context.
  • No true freshman are included in this depth chart because it is just too tough to predict if they sign with UofL, where they may fall in terms of preparedness.
  • This is assuming all current players eligible to return do so. There is always the chance of a player transferring or declaring early for the NFL draft.


      1. Lamar Jackson SO
      2. Reggie Bonnafon
      3. Kyle Bolin RS JR
      4. Will Gardner RS SR


      1. Brandon Radcliff RS SR
      2. LJ Scott JR
      3. Jeremy Smith JR
      4. Reggie Bonnafon JR


      1. Micky Crum RS SO
      2. Keith Towbridge SR
      3. Cole Hikutini SR


      1. Geron Christian SO
      2. Khalil Hunter SR


      1. Lukayus McNeil RS SO
      2. Pedro Sibiea RS SR


      1. Tobijah Hughley RS SR
      2. C Klusman RS SR


      1. Kiola Mahoni JR
      2. Skylar Lacy RS JR


      1. Kenny Thomas SO
      2. Chandler Jones RS FR


      1. Jamari Staples SR
      2. Jaylen Smith SO
      3. Javonte Bagley JR


      1. Ja’Quay Savage JR
      2. Devonte Peete SO
      3. Alphonso Carter JR


      1. James Quick SR
      2. Traveon Samuel SO
      3. Charles Standberry JR




      1. James Hearns RS JR
      2. G Robinson RS FR


      1. DeAngelo Brown RS SR
      2. Johnny Richardson RS JR
      3. Kyle Shortridge RS JR


      1. Drew Bailey SR
      2. Nick Dawson-Brents RS SR


      1. Keith Brown RS SR
      2. Trevon Young SR


      1. Stacy Thomas RS JR
      2. Amonte Caban RS FR


      1. Keith Kelsey
      2. Isaac Stewart RS SO


      1. Devonte Fields SR
      2. Finesse Middleton RS JR


      1. Shaq Wiggins JR
      2. Jaire Alexander SO


      1. Josh Harvey-Clemons SR
      2. Zykiesis Cannon JR
      3. Khane Pass RS FR


      1. Chucky Williams RS JR
      2. Dee Smith RS FR


      1. Trumaine Washington JR
      2. De’Eric Culver JR

What UofL returns:


100% of TD’s

100% of receiving yards

100% of passing yards

97.93% of rushing yards


88.89% of interceptions

75.12% of tackles

66.67% of sacks

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