Per an article in the Courier-Journal, Terrence Williams will not be charged.  Kentucky fans everywhere are up and arms, as they were banking on this to be one of their standard retorts to Louisville’s recent success.  They remain stuck in 2008, with Karen Sypher.

However, this doesn’t change the opinions of any Louisville fans who still think T-Will is a knucklehead.  He is probably the biggest waste of NBA talent ever to graduate from Louisville.  The man can easily play in the NBA, is usually the most athletic on the court, but can’t conquer his self inflicted drama.  I hope he figures it out some day. I am not holding my breath.

From the C-J Article

“Terrence feels grateful for the diligent and thorough investigation that the King County Prosecutors Office and the Kent Police Department conducted in this matter,” Williams’ representation, Kiviat Criminal Defense, said in a statement released this week. “Terrence was confident from the beginning that he had acted in self-defense, and is vindicated in knowing that law enforcement felt the same way after reviewing all of the evidence presented to them.

Williams did admit to possession of a gun at the time of the alleged incident, according to court documents obtained by The Boston Globe, but told police he “felt threatened” by the mother’s current boyfriend, who was at the scene and approaching his car while the woman was kicking it.


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