After months of people knocking Teddy Bridgewater for his hands, his pro-day, doubting his command of a huddle and anything else besides “actual football” – Teddy Bridgewater got his to prove the doubters wrong.

He nailed it.

The Teddy chants echoing in the stands were reminiscent of those heard in Papa John’s, but you might say they were ahead of schedule.  Teddy didn’t get the chants in his first year at Louisville, but the Vikings fans have been liberal with “Teddy!” chants since the day they drafted him.  They know what Cards fans know – Teddy is a winner.

Just as his Freshman year at Louisville – Teddy broke the ice in the 4th game of the season.  Each game was a result of an injury to the starting Quarterback.

Coach Zimmer praised Teddy in the post game and finished with; “I am proud Teddy is on our team”.

Showering him with praise on how calm and cool he is on the field – the only thing standing in his way before Thursday’s game with Green Bay will be if his tweaked ankle is worse than expected.  Coach Zimmerman talked with Teddy after the game, and said Teddy isn’t give him any indication that he wouldn’t be able to go, so they will look at that over the next couple days.  Teddy was scheduled to get an MRI after the post game press conference, so no word yet on how serious it is, but in Teddy’s own words; “I am able to stand before you now, so that’s a pretty good sign”.

Asked if the short week would be tough with the injury, Teddy responded; “It will be a tough week.  I will need to spend extra time in the training room to prepare.  It reminds me of college.  I was hurt on a saturday, and had a short week to prepare for Rutgers”.  We all remember that famous Rutgers game.

Stat Line for Teddy in game one was a good one:  19 of 30 passes for 317 yards, he ran for a touchdown and the Vikings piled up more than 500 yards of offense.  Why is 500 yards of offense significant?  No Adrian Peterson, no Kyle Rudolph, Teddy in his first start..and the Vikings averaged only 278 yards per game this season.  I am also told (couldn’t verify), that this is the first time a Vikings rookie QB has EVER thrown for a 300 yard game – it took Teddy 1 game to accomplish that.

When asked at the press conference if he liked any of the nicknames, he laughed and responded with; “I guess ‘Teddy 2 Gloves’, that seems to fit my description pretty good”.

Teddy’s touchdown scamper was a thing of beauty, and the camera quickly found his mom Rose Murphy dancing in the stands.  We have never seen her wear a purple shirt.  I suppose its something we can all learn to love, because I imagine we will see her dancing in purple a lot more in the future, because Teddy’s a star.

Watch Teddy’s first GAME WINNING press conference here.



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