The Cards travel to Winston-Salem Saturday to face the #19 Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Wake runs an exaggerated and slow RPO and takes what the defense gives them. QB Jaime Newman gives the Deacons a large presence at the position for the first time in recent memory and his accuracy and decision-making set WF apart from its previous versions under Dave Clawson.

Still the defense remains a weakness for Wake Forest and the offensive efficiency is a necessity for the Demon Deacons to have success. Still Newman & Clawson are able to put pressure on its opponents by maintaining possession, moving the ball, gaining 1st downs and ultimately scoring points. That pressure creates an urgency that has gotten its previous 5 opponents off plan and allowed Wake to start 5-0.

Louisville will need to be patient on both sides of the football. Defending WF is counter-intuitive for football players to ‘wait’ and maintain gaps rather than firing into assignments. It’s important the UofL follow the ball and not get sucked into ball deception. The Cards worked on getting in more quickly on defense so that UofL didn’t fall victim again to miscommunication like they did in the 4th quarter vs Florida State.

Louisville Wake Forest
Strength of Schedule (Sagarin)71st89th
Scoring Offense (ppg)32.4 (51st)35.8 (30th)
Total Offense (ypg)482.8 (20th)515.0 (9th)
Passing Offense (ypg)255.4 (53rd)312.6 (14th)
Rushing Offense (ypg)227.4 (20th)202.4 (40th)
Scoring Defense (ppg)26.0 (63rd)21.0 (36th)
Total Defense (ypg)388.0 (66th)393.2 (72nd)
Passing Defense (ypg)233.2 (76th)245.6 (88th)
Rushing Defense (ypg)154.8 (66th)147.6 (62nd)
Punt Returns (ypr)8.0 (61st)9.15 (50th)
Kickoff Returns (ypr)20.75 (75th)18.8 (96th)
Opponent Punt Returns (ypr)4.57 (35th)14.67 (116th)
Opponent Kickoff Return (ypr)22.85 (93rd)18.30 (38th)
Punting (ypp)41.59 (72nd)45.64 (18th)
Field Goal %71.4% (64th)100% (1st)
Opponent FG %25.0% (3rd)100% (130th)
First Downs (per game)21.8 (58th)24.8 (15th)
Opponent First Downs (per game)18.4 (39th)18.8 (44th)
Penalties (ypg)52.8 (51st)27.6 (2nd)
Turnover Margin (season)-2 (90th)3 (31st)
Time of Possession31:40.00 (34th)31:31.80 (38th)
Sacks (Per Game)2.2 (65th)2.6 (37th)
Tackles for Loss (Per Game)6.6 (56th)6.2 (68th)
Sacks Allowed (Per Game)2.6 (92nd)1.2 (17th)
Tackles for Loss Allowed (Per Game)9.00 (124th)6.2 (72nd)
Interceptions Gained (season)1 (130th)5 (40th)
Passes Defended (per game)3.2 (102nd)4.6 (47th)
Fumbles Recovered (season)4 (37th)2 (116th)
Fumbles Forced (season)4 (56th)2 (120th)
Fumbles Lost (season)5 (109th)1 (4th)
Interceptions Lost (Season)3 (38th)2 (18th)
Kick/Punts Blocked (season)NANA
3rd Down Conversion %39.71% (65th)54.44% (5th)
4th Down Conversion %60.0% (44th)55.56% (56th)
Opponent 3rd Down Conversion %32.88% (35th)25.68% (9th)
Opponent 4th Down Conversion %27.27% (16th)66.67% (103rd)
Red Zone Conversion %88.24% (43rd)83.33% (71st)
Red Zone TD Conversion %76.47% (16th)58.33% (78th)
Red Zone Trips17 (92nd)24 (22nd)
Opponent Red Zone Conversion %80.00% (50th)80.00% (50th)
Opponent Red Zone TD Conversion %80.00% (126th)66.67% (87th)
Opponent Red Zone Trips15 (39th)15 (39th)
Kickoffs (ypk)62.16 (59th)61.82 (67th)
Plays354 (65th)410 (21st)
Yards Per Play6.82 (18th)6.28 (38th)
Yads Per Play Allowed5.61 (69th)5.67 (73rd)
Plays +10 Yards79 (52nd)77 (62nd)
Plays +20 Yards33 (20th)30 (31st)
Plays +30 Yards17 (15th)13 (38th)
Plays +40 Yards12 (7th)8 (26th)
Opponent Plays +10 Yards70 (61st)73 (71st)
Opponent Plays +20 Yards20 (38th)23 (60th)
Opponent Plays +30 Yards13 (97th)11 (69th)
Opponent Plays +40 Yards5 (62nd)7 (91st)
Rushing Plays +10 Yards34 (25th)22 (88th)
Rushing Plays +20 Yards12 (19th)10 (36th)
Rushing Plays +30 Yards7 (15th)2 (73rd)
Passing Plays +10 Yards45 (77th)55 (40th)
Passing Plays +20 Yards21 (32nd)11 (42nd)
Passing Plays +30 Yards10 (33rd)11 (19th)
Passing Plays +40 Yards8 (8th)6 (21st)
Opp Rushing Plays +10 Yards25 (66th)22 (53rd)
Opp Rushing Plays +20 Yards5 (44th)6 (59th)
Opp Rushing Plays +30 Yards4 (85th)4 (85th)
Opp Passing Plays +10 Yards45 (65th)51 (93rd)
Opp Passing Plays +20 Yards15 (43rd)17 (69th)
Opp Passing Plays +30 Yards9 (86th)7 (59th)
Opp Passing Plays +40 Yards5 (94th)4 (70th)
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